Water Filter GuruWater is the clear liquid that most of us humans get from the kitchen tap. It falls from the sky and sits in the seas. It is home to fish and turtles, and transports ships and canoes. It fundamentally sustains life in all forms, and is the building block of life on Earth. It is also quite literally the building block of humanity – with 60% of our bodies being made up of it.


A lack of it results in serious health disadvantages, including death. One can survive for weeks without food, but can only live a much shorter time without water. We need it to survive and thrive. It is so vital in fact that there are at least 20 recognised charities around the world with the dedicated mission of providing safe, fresh drinking water to those in the world without access.


Popular advice is that humans should drink a minimum of eight, eight-ounce glasses of water every day. That’s 2 litres total per twenty-four-hours. This is the advice provided both in the United States of America and the United Kingdom.


The Benefits: Reduces Headaches and Migraines


Water is vital not just for the body, but for the brain too. Tension in the head as headaches or migraines are often brought on by a lack of water. Even just mild dehydration can cause them. Fortunately, one can often greatly reduce the frequency and intensity of these by drinking lots of water.


The Benefits: Reduces Anxiety


Anxiety is growing in communities around the world, with more and more people describing themselves as such. A lack of water can cause heightened anxiety and swings toward negative moods. Even just one less glass a day than advised can see a heightened anxiety state in humans.

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The Benefits: Reduces Risk of UTIs


A lack of water can damage our kidneys and linked bodily systems. Achieving below our desired eight glasses per day can lead to urinary tract infections, bladder infections and the development of kidney stones – the former of which can cause deliriousness in elderly people and the latter of which would potentially require surgery to remove. Ensuring one drinks lots of water throughout each day greatly reduces the risk of developing such health problems.


Is Fluoride Safe to Drink?


While the health benefits of drinking plenty of water are plenty, there are discussions about the value of fluoride in drinking water.As explained in this post, there is minimal hard evidence that the mineral fluoride is actually good for one’s health. Despite fluoride being a naturally-occuring mineral, and supporting oral health through reducing the risk of cavities, a lack of hard evidence to the overall health benefits brings the use of fluoride in tap water into doubt. Filters and distillers are an effective means through which to extract the fluoride and thus enabling those who choose to to be able to drink water without it.


This article discusses just some of the health benefits of drinking lots of water, though there are plenty more.