What is neurographics for?

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Life itself is changeable. But how often do the changes we want and would like to see happen to us? Do you ever find yourself working hard to achieve a cherished goal, but never get to the desired result? Why is this and can it be changed? Yes, by applying simple but effective psychological techniques. Together with medical brands, I have figured out what neurography is. And today I will tell you about neurography.



Most of the things we do in everyday life, we do on the automatic. Each person has his own patterns and behaviors. They are formed on the basis of experience and memories. For example, you can not cross the road at a red light, because the car may hit, and so on. 

Each well-established pattern is essentially a neural connection in the brain. The pattern is formed depending on how often a person is doing this or that.

The neural connections accumulated during life create a huge neural network resembling a knowledge base. From here, the necessary data is retrieved at the necessary moment, and a certain decision is made.  In other words, each individual concept represents a separate pattern in our brain (a code). These are our programs, which the brain runs to solve a particular problem.

If you can’t start your own business, quit your job, arrange your personal life, move to another city, then it’s one hundred percent likely that your programs are interfering.  So if we are not satisfied with our results, we need to change our programs. But how? 


Neurographics: What is it?


If you say to yourself before an important meeting, “you’re being professional and it’s bound to end well,” will that somehow affect the neural connections? An established pattern is much stronger, and it’s more likely to work, rather than a spontaneous desire to suddenly change to another level. We repeat it to ourselves again and are surprised that it ended up exactly the same as the last time.

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We can “communicate” with our brain in a language it understands and rewrite our programs. This language is called neurographics, a method of thinking, transforming states, and changing attitudes to the problem at hand. It’s an interaction with our subconsciousness through drawing.  With neurographics we can get rid of established beliefs and create a new neural code in the brain. 


Making dreams come true with the help of neurographics

Everyone is well-known for the method of creating a wish map, when a collage of desired house, car, dog, family, etc. is created on a separate sheet of paper. The neurographic method consists in drawing images of the desired using geometric shapes and lines. 

Thus, we get a firm conviction that our dream has already come true, which means that its realization is not far off. Quite often people forget about their goal or a problem, let the situation go after such a method, and it resolves itself. So if you can’t achieve your desired goal in any way, we advise you to use this uncomplicated method. 


Find harmony with neurography

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Systematic neurography sessions relax you, release you from stiffness and blocks, heal you from traumas, and change your attitudes. In just an hour of classes, you can get rid of fatigue, release that creative energy and potential, which will be directed towards the realization of goals. A person enters a resourceful state as old neural connections collapse and new ones are created. There is improvement and growth in all areas of life.

Change reality by drawing

Only 1/10 of all human activity is conscious. The other thing people do on automatic, repeating the experience.

Figures and lines on a single sheet of paper can make us conscious and take control of our lives.

We can change reality in such areas with the help of such drawings: 

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– Emotional: learn to own emotions, anger, fears, transform all these feelings in a positive way;

– to connect with yourself;

– overcome difficulties in a difficult job;

– to be creative in finance, professional activity;

– to build a positive chain of events;

– establish relationships with people at home, at work, and with friends.


Drawing Features:

  1.   Non-intrusiveness. The essence is that you should concentrate on the dream or a problem that disturbs you, having closed your eyes. In doing so, draw it quickly for a few seconds. This is how to get the negativity out of your subconscious. 
  2.   Don’t evaluate your creativity and don’t strive for perfection. Get rid of your “star pupil” complex, and don’t worry about what your drawing will look like or what others will think of it. 
  3.   Size doesn’t matter. Our imagination has no limitations, so draw accordingly. The principle of freedom allows you to remove the complexity of how things should be and how they are right. It is also the principle that allows you to go forward. 
  4.   Don’t draw sharp angles and jagged lines. Spontaneous drawing has lots of waves and roundness. If there are corners, they need to be smoothed out. A circle is a positive object for our subconscious mind. So the more circularity, the better. The point of neurography is to turn negative energy into positive energy. 
  5.   The lines that are drawn through the sheet tell about the feelings of the person. All lines should unite and create an unusual picture. The drawing has no end, it can be drawn endlessly.
  6.   In the course of refinement, it is not necessary to try to draw something realistic. When we draw easily and effortlessly, the problem is thrown on paper, and the life situation begins to change for the better.

When you have drawn your drawing, examine it carefully and rest after the work is done!