Rejuvenate Dry Damaged Hair

We all want healthy, shiny, smooth hair, but sometimes we end up with hair that’s dry, damaged and lackluster. Unfortunately, those of us who would love long locks and are trying to grow our hair longer are the ones with the most damaged and worn out hair. While we may wish to avoid the hair dresser, or do our own ‘do’s’ at home with heating irons and hair dryers, this can cause damage and breakage in hair in the long term. Bring new life to your hair and glow with freshness with these tips to rejuvenate dry and damaged hair.

Get A Salon Treatment

When it comes to intensive and deep treatment for dry and damaged hair, the best you can do is visit your local salon for some R and R. A salon treatment can provide intensive nourishment and care to rejuvenate your damaged hair. For the best hair, deep and penetrative hair treatments are seen as critically important to maintaining hair length and health.

A salon treatment can be implemented every trim you get a haircut, colour or other hair service as a preventative and curative measure. For the best advice on how to achieve healthy, shiny and longer hair, consult with your stylist for more hair care and maintenance tips.

Try a Nourishing Shampoo

Shampoos are supposed to effectively yet gently cleanse our hair of excess oil and dirt, however some shampoos are too harsh and end up stripping all oils from the hair and drying the scalp and hair cuticle. A nourishing shampoo cleanses and moisturises the scalp and hair follicle, providing vital moisture back to the hair whilst also removing impurities and freshening your hair.

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Nourishing shampoos contain nutritive oils and moisturisers as well as cleansing components, to promote soft, shiny and smooth hair. If your scalp regularly feels itchy or dry, or you notice your hair breaking off near the scalp more than usual, it’s time to switch to a gentler, more moisturizing shampoo.

Have A Trim

Although those of us who are dreaming of growing our hair long dread a trip to the hairdresser’s, there’s no denying that a tiny trim once in a while really helps to keep hair looking healthy and beautiful. Trims help to remove split ends and the dried out sections of hair at the very longest ends of growth, and that helps to prevent breakage and knots in the hair.

And if your goal is to grow your hair longer, don’t fret! You can get a healthy hair trim without cutting off all the new growth on your hair, so over time your hair will grow naturally longer. They key is to visit a good salon regularly to get little trims to remove damaged ends, rather than waiting until a lot of damage has been done and needing more length taken off.

Love It And Leave It

After you have shampooed and conditioned your hair, applying a leave in conditioner should be something you do to protect the ends of your hair and nourish the drier parts of the hair. That being said, applying your leave in conditioner should be all you do after washing, after that leave your hair alone!

Although we all love the look of heat iron styled hair or a blow out, using heated styling appliances on the hair can really accelerate the damage done to dry and fragile hair. Avoid using these tools by washing your hair with enough time to allow it to dry naturally and slowly – and avoid brushing or combing while it’s still wet.

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Smooth and Shine

Want to avoid the straightening iron but can’t resist smooth, straight hair? Nourish your hair and keep it shiny and smooth with hair serum and oils designed to reduce frizz, straighten hair as well as nourish the hair follicle and seal the ends.

If you absolutely must use heated styling tools, many hair serums can protect from damage caused by these tools when applied before using. However, for long, strong and beautiful hair, it’s always best to avoid heated styling when you can.