Our knee joint connects the tibia with the femur through ligaments and tendons. It also keeps them protected from irritation by the meniscus and cartilage. But it becomes impossible to rebuild the cartilage layer once it gets destroyed. The menisci present on the insides and outsides of our joints can prevent this from happening by playing the role of additional shock absorbers. Our kneecap helps in transferring forces in between the tibia and femur apart from keeping our joints protected from external impacts. In spite of this, our knee joints can fall prey to a variety of external impacts and our own body weight.

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Research studies have revealed that about 25% adult American population suffer from knee pain. These sensations are mostly experienced while running, climbing stairs or even while lying down in bed. Knee problems can take a severe form over time if left untreated for long. In most cases, the pain reaches excruciating levels as a result of excessive stress and might also cause the joints to become inflamed. As a result, it brings down our level of mobility and also the quality of life.

Joint pain can be caused by any disease or injury on tendons surrounding the joint, bursae or ligaments. Our ligaments, bones and cartilage are also adversely affected in the aftermath of an injury or disease such as rheumatoid arthritis or systemic lupus erythematosus, which can lead to a painful joint. In many cases, pain is also caused due to joint infection or inflammation. It gets aggravated by pressure, motion or from undertaking weight-bearing resistance activities. Joint pain is also associated with local warmth, joint stiffness, tenderness and swelling.

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In case if any of these symptoms persist for over a week, then you need to get it evaluated immediately by a health care practitioner. The doctor might suggest anti-inflammatory medicines if the joint pain is caused due to arthritis. Surgical operation might also be required if it is caused due to any ailment in your ligament, bone or cartilage. But if you don’t wish to consume these medicines or undergo painful and expensive operations, then you can easily opt for Helix Original.

These capsules are rich in snail secretions, turmeric, and plant extracts from Boswellia or Indian frankincense. All of these natural ingredients come together to increase your energy level and mobility without imposing any adverse side effects. All you need to do is gulp it down with a glass of water at the same time every day as it gets absorbed easily in your stomach. Snails can reconstruct their tissue and even rebuild their shell through natural secretions. Proteoglycans including hyaluronic acid serve as an important component of these secretions. The exceptional water-binding capacity of hyaluronic acid paves the path for pronounced hydration capability of snails. This is further supported by mucopolysaccharides like chondroitin and glucosamine to build damaged tissues.

Helix Original works following the same concept and implements it on human anatomy. The gastric tolerance of Helix capsules is around 100% and they do not have any reported side effects. The Helix Original capsules are made by following a unique-formula in Spain. It also adheres to strict quality guidelines of the European Union. You can thus expect nothing but the absolute best out of this medicine. You can try out the Helix Original capsules for bringing mobility back into your life. Apart from helping you regenerate damaged tissues; it can also help in dealing with inflammation. Daily use can help you gain an edge over pain experienced in hand, hip, back, shoulder and knee joints. Over time, you can get back to your normal activities and enjoy life to the fullest.

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