No matter how much we try hard to take care of ourselves, there are certain inevitable circumstances that can creep up into our lives, even in the comfort of our own homes. The top two most common accidents that can happen in your own household are slipping and falling, which can ultimately lead to unwanted injuries and bruises. Based on how frequently you experience these types of injuries, we have listed some home remedies below that you can do to aid or ease the pain from a slip and fall accident, and how you can decrease the bruising on your body:


1.) Cold compress

The very first step that you should take after you slip and fall is to apply a cold compress on the injured area to reduce the blood flow. Applying a cold compress on that specific part of your body can reduce the traffic of blood vessels and thus, reduce the visibility of the oncoming bruise and the swelling that will follow after.


For this, you can use some ice wrapped in a cloth or a Ziploc bag, or a bag of frozen vegetables and fruits such as peas and berries. Follow a 10-20-10 pattern where you will apply the cold compress on the injured area for 10 minutes, then let it rest for 20 minutes, before reapplying the cold compress on the area again for the next 10 minutes. Repeat this for the first couple of hours after your slip and fall.

2.) Heat compress

To encourage blood circulation around the injured area, an alternation between a cold and hot compress should be made. By applying a hot compress on the area, it will help boost flow for the trapped blood, especially when the bruising is becoming more visible. Aside from that, it also helps to relieve any muscle pain that develops after the fall. Some options that you an use for a hot compress are:

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  • Heating pads
  • A microwaved pack of beans, rice, or oats
  • Compress bag filled with hot water

3.) Aloe Vera

Applying aloe vera on injured areas has been proven to be effective in eliminating inflammation. Avoid the medicine ones found in tubes and pick a natural, garden-grown aloe vera from your backyard and apply its gel topically on the bruised area.


4.) Elevation

One way to speed up the healing process is to elevate the injured area above your heart level.  You can do this yourself by stacking up pillows and resting the affected area on top of it to keep it leveled above your heart. In this way, it will be easier for you relax while easing the compression and the pressure on the affected area.


5.) Pain relievers

If the area or muscle seem to be too painful for you to bear, you are not prohibited from taking mild pain relievers to help you feel more at ease in dealing with it while waiting for the bruising to heal. Here are some of the medicines that you can take to help relieve the pain.


  • Ibuprofen
  • Naproxen
  • Acetaminophen


6.) Pineapple

Part of speeding up the healing process of bruising is to get your daily dose of Vitamin C because of its anti-inflammatory properties. While you can get it from your daily vitamins, it would be optimum if you include vegetables or fruits like pineapple in your diet instead. Not only will it reduce the inflammation on the bruised area, but it will also give you a boost for your immune system to help your body fight away diseases.

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Bruises will naturally take a few weeks to heal, depending on their severity and the total area they cover on your body. Avoid stressing out that particular area and be conscious about hitting it on hard surfaces such as the edge of your table or walls as it may only worsen the damage. By following these key steps, you will surely see those bruises fade out in no time.