Liver is one of the most important organs in our body which plays a crucial role in the complete and proper functioning of our body’s vital systems. Weighing almost 3 pounds, the organ is red-brown in appearance and is protected by our rib-cage. Apart from this basic knowledge, there is a lot more information that we need to know about our liver in order to ensure its good health and proper functioning.

Where is my Liver Located?


Located below the diaphragm in our abdominal cavity, the liver sits exactly in the right upper side of our peritoneum. The organ occupies the space between the left and the right nipple, while its lower part touches the lower area of our right ribs. In an average adult, the size of a normal liver (disease free) in its upper part measures between 20-22 cm, while the lower left part measures between 15 – 16 cm. The right lobe is 6-9 cm thick, thus bringing the organ weight to about 1 1/2 kg (3 pounds). The liver is further covered with the thick Glisson capsule which mainly gives the organ and its blood vessels a slimy protective covering. However, the organ is majorly protected by our ribs and if subjected to extreme force or pressure may get damaged.

Why Does my Liver Pain?

There are various possible reasons and symptoms that cause liver pain. However, in order to understand the reasons, you first need to be aware of the liver location and the various liver pain symptoms which include:

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– Nausea

– Heaviness

– Bitter taste in mouth

– Liver pain

– Dark yellow or brown colored urine

If you experience a combination of any of these symptoms, it is time to visit your doctor as these may be the symptoms of severe hepatic diseases such as Hepatitis and even liver cirrhosis. Consuming pain killers without understanding these symptoms will only worsen the condition. Thus, it is important to consult a doctor for proper diagnosis, followed by the right treatment.


Understanding the liver pain location further helps in identifying the cause of the pain. This is very important, as most people are not aware about the right location of the organ. The liver being attached to the diaphragm via several ligaments, may also cause difficulty in breathing. The pain originates from under your right rib or from any part of your liver and spreads throughout the area covered by the organ. An initial feeling of discomfort slowly gives way to heaviness and a tingling sensation in the location of your liver.

Delay in diagnosis of the condition transforms a simple infection or disease into a chronic condition. Hence, if you suffer from nausea and chest pain in the right side of your body, it is best suggested that you consult a doctor and get the needed medical help immediately. A medical professional will first check where is liver pain and then based on the symptoms, make his diagnosis.

Liver Pain Reasons

Liver pain may be caused due to a number of reasons. Some of these include:

– Poor vitamin levels in food

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– Unhealthy lifestyle

– STDs

– Hepatitis

– Lack of physical work

– Excessive alcohol abuse

Liver Pain Treatment

The purity of our blood is mainly dependent on the functioning of our liver, the gall bladder and certain other factors. If you are suffering from liver pain, your doctor will prescribe you a number of medical tests that will confirm the cause of liver pain. However, following a proper diet and abstaining oneself from harmful habits such as eating rich, oily and spicy food and having alcoholic drinks will decrease the pain and progression of the liver condition.

Enrich your everyday diet with high iron foods. Consume food products that will help your body absorb a minimum 20 mg iron content every day. These food items include meat, such as beef, veal and fish. You should also avoid the consumption of fried meat, coffee, cocoa, beans and other carbonated drinks. Walking after your meals will also help you ease the pain. Also, make it a point to follow the treatment as mentioned by your doctor based on the diagnosis. This will help you in the fast treatment and quick recovery from your diagnosed hepatic condition.