Treat Hoarseness

What Causes Hoarseness?

Hoarseness is a condition which refers to abnormal changes in voice. Due to unusual irritation of the vocal cords, your voice seems to be little husky. Hoarseness can be of several types such as loudness in voice, strain in voice or change in your voice.

This is actually a common thing which happens while we grow up but a lot more could happen, if you notice abnormalities or roughness in voice. Hoarseness is due to the irritation related to mucus membranes in the windpipe or upper portion of throat or due to some chronic disease. However, you can treat hoarseness with the natural home remedies that are inexpensive.

Home Remedies and Natural Cures for Hoarseness

Apple cider vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar is an effective remedy to cure hoarseness.  It can help cure any voice related disorders. Take a half glass of water and add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. Take this solution after an hour for seven continuous hours to see best results.


Onion is another effective remedy to cure hoarseness. Onion syrup can be prepared by slicing onion and adding it to boiling water. After few minutes, strain the solution and use this onion syrup to treat hoarseness. Gargle with onion syrup or you can consume it by adding few drops of lemon juice and honey to it and this remedy can treat hoarseness.


Pepper is one such effective home remedy to cure hoarseness of voice. Cayenne pepper or black pepper can be used to cure hoarseness. Take half glass of Lukewarm water and add half spoon of pepper to few drops of lemon juice. Stir it well and consume this solution. For best results, you need to follow this remedy using water as hot as you can bear.  If you prefer to use black pepper, you need to use 1/4th spoon of grounded black pepper with one tablespoon of butter and consume it to get an instant relief from this condition.

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Another effective home remedy to cure hoarseness is to use honey. Mix a spoonful of honey along with the extract of basil leaves and consume this syrup. Consume it daily in the early morning till you see positive results. This is a traditional remedy which is being practiced since years to cure any throat related disorders and helps in giving an instant relief from voice related disorders.

You can also prepare syrup using few drops of honey and lemon juice to get an instant relief from hoarseness. A solution of lemon and honey can be used to gargle and this is yet another effective home remedy in curing hoarseness.


Yet another remedy which can cure hoarseness and gives you an instant relief from voice related disorders. Prepare a decoction using ginger and water and brew it till you get a dark color. You can also add honey to sweeten this decoction or herbal tea and consume it when it is hot. This herbal tea can give a sharp tingling effect in the throat and can clear your voice and help treat hoarseness as well.