Natural Remedies For Neck Pain

Neck pain has become an extremely common issue nowadays because people are living a sedentary lifestyle where most of their time is spent sitting at a desk. It is sometimes tasks that require people to lean over a surface that give rise to neck pain. In other situations, tension at home or at work, poor posture or even a soft mattress can lead to immense pain in the neck. Muscle tension or even an injury or disease can be the culprit as well and lead to the agonizing cycle of neck pain. Taking over the counter pain relievers might provide temporary relief, but aren’t a good solution for this problem.

There are some simple and natural remedies for neck pain that people can undertake at home for eliminating pain and stiffness from their neck. They include:


The muscles in the neck should be exercised slowly and regularly. The muscles can be rotated in a circular motion for stretching out the agitated muscles. Initially, it might be highly uncomfortable, but it will gradually alleviate pain. Move the neck back and forth, but stop immediately when it starts to hurt. The range of motion will be enhanced the more the neck is flexed. Move the neck from side to side as well for achieving the same result.


Ice is very beneficial in numbing the pain and reducing the inflammation. Get some crushed ice and put it in a plastic bag. Now, cover the bag with a terry towel or pillowcase. Apply the icepack on the neck for 15 minutes to relieve some of the stiffness and pain.

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Heating can be useful for improving circulation and easing the stiff muscles. A hot water bottle or a hot towel can be applied to the neck or people can also stand underneath a hot shower. However, excessive heating can often aggravate the symptoms and pain so it shouldn’t be done for too long. In fact, it is recommended that immediately after a hot treatment, some cold application can be beneficial.


Massage can ease tense muscles and provide temporary relief to people. It can also help them in sleeping better. First, take a hot bath or shower for relaxing the muscles. Then use some oil or lotion for rubbing your shoulders and neck. Use your fingers for applying some pressure onto these areas in circular motions. Use long downward strokes for rubbing the chest, neck and shoulders. Massaging is recommended for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Bath or Epsom Salts

People can also soak in bath salts. They are said to be beneficial in improving blood circulation, relieving muscle tension and reducing stress at the same time. People can also experiment with some different bath salts to get added relief. Epsom salts can also be used by people because they are made from magnesium and sulfate and can help in relaxing the mind.


Massage is helpful when there is a slight pain in the neck, but acupuncture is ideal for dealing with chronic and high intensity pressure in the neck.