Skin Allergies and Itching
Home Remedies For Skin Allergies and Itching

Allergies are generally referred to as a reaction to some foreign materials. Different individuals have different types of tolerance for foreign materials. When some individuals cannot adjust with some elements within their environment, then tend to suffer from some skin problems commonly known as skin allergies. These allergies may be in form of eruptions, itching, boils and rashes among others.

Types of skin allergies

Dermatitis: This is caused through contact with some materials. It is normally indicated by an inflammation.

Hives: This is a fluid buildup in the skin that often shows up as swellings. This is not a permanent condition and it always heals with treatment. They are also referred to as urticarial

Prickly Heat: It is a reddish rash that appears on an individual’s body. It is usually caused because of too much perspiration caused by hot and humid environments.

Helpful herbs used For Treating Skin Allergies and Itching

Cassia (Cassia fistula): It is effectively used for treating a number of skin irritations which are caused by allergies. Cassia leaves’ paste can be spread on an individual’s skin just in case of an inflammation of the feet and hands caused because of extreme cold. It also treats swellings which are caused because of accumulation of fluids beneath the skin.

Henna (Lawsonia inermis): This is a wonderful treatment for a number of skin allergies. This may be used if an individual have swellings, hives, boils and other types of skin inflammation. Application of henna on an individual’s skin cools down the skin and gets rid of the symptoms of the allergy.

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Madhuca (Madhuca indica): This is used to treat itchy skin. The leaves are mashed into a paste after which it is applied on an individual’s skin.

Nutritional Guiding Principles for Skin Allergies Treatment

  • You have to take plenty of water so as to prevent all type of allergies. These consist of vegetables and fresh fruits which have very high water content. During summer seasons, take cooling drinks like sherbets and lemon juices.
  • Do not eat sour foods in case you suffer from skin allergy complications often.

Skin Allergies Home Treatment Remedies

  1. Take about thirty milliliters of wood apple leaves’ juice and blend in some cumin powder. Always take this mixture twice daily. This remedy treats hives very well.
  2. Extract Indian plum juice and blend in some soda. Apply this mixture in case you have prickly heat.
  3. During hot seasons, take one glass of lemon juice twice daily. This will surely supplement the content of vitamin C in the body which was lost during perspiration and will also prevent the outbreak of prickly heat.
  4. Chewing sugarcane many times during hot seasons is also another great way to prevent prickly heat.
  5. In case that particular area of the skin is extremely itchy, mash some papaya and spread out the papaya paste on it. This reduces the itch besides making the skin healthier.

I hope this helps those who have skin allergies or those who have itchy skin and need relief. There are other ways of dealing with itching skin as well. The above mentioned home remedies are simply meant to give you a head start. Also, remember to have an Ehic Application just in case you will need to see a doctor.

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