Home Remedies to Treat Bleeding Nose

Bleeding nose can be a serious disease and should be taken immediate measures by consulting Otolaryngologist.  Nose bleeding is due to heavy sneezing or rubbing of nose and it might also occur due to nose cancer or if there is any damage in the blood vessels of your nose. Firstly, you need to know the types and features of nose bleeding.

Anterior (interior nose bleeding) is from the blood vessels which occur in the front part of nose whereas Posterior (external bleeding) which is caused from arteries that are present at the back part of your nose. Posterior nose bleeding can be cured at home and there is nothing to worry.

Anterior nose bleeding needs to be cured immediately by consulting an Otolaryngolist since it requires proper ailments and surgeries. However, you can try using certain home remedies to get temporary relief from this condition and these home remedies can also help treat posterior nose bleeding as well.

Water and Brick powder:

Brick powder is easily available and can be used to cure this condition. Take some quantity of brick powder and add equal proportions of water to it. Apply this paste of the affected nose area. Apply this paste during night before going to bed. You should also follow proper sleeping postures and you need to lie down on your back and face the roof. This is one effective way to treat nose bleeding and the pain caused due to bleeding nose.

Turmeric and coconut oil:

Turmeric is known for its medicinal and healing properties and can help cure several disorders. You can also use turmeric to cure nose bleeding as well. Take a little quantity of turmeric and add coconut oil to it. Make dough using these two ingredients and put it over the bleeding nose to stop the bleeding immediately. This is one effective ways to treat this condition without causing any side effects.

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Face powder:

Face powder is yet another effective remedy which can help treat nose bleeding. You can directly apply face powder over the bleeding nose and leave it for few minutes. It can help extract blood and also dries the bleeding area. Hence, you can use this to control nose bleeding instantly.


Lemon can be used to cure bleeding nose. Inhale lemon or you can also apply little lemon juice on the bleeding area. However, some people can’t tolerate the pain caused due to the citric properties of lemon. In this case, you can just inhale lemon and follow the right sleeping posture to get an instant relief from this condition.

Wet cloth:

Wet cloth immersed in cold water can help treat this condition effectively. Take some ice cubes and put them in a wet cloth. Compress it over the bleeding area. You can also hold it for some time till the nose bleeding is controlled. This is an easy and an effective remedy which can be practiced immediately to get rid of this condition temporarily.