Home Remedies to Treat Ingrown Toenails

An ingrown Toenail can cause severe pain and it is one of the most painful conditions. If a toenail grows in an opposite direction, it finally ends up growing into your skin and cutting the flesh as well. This condition can cause tenderness, redness and swelling as well in the affected area.

Ingrown toenail is mainly seen in the big finger of your feet. These ingrown toenails usually are prone to infections and might also cause certain other complications as well. However, these ingrown toenails can be treated at home by following few simple home remedies. Firstly, it is essential to change the shoe you wear regularly as you might be wearing them since a long time. When you observe ingrown toenails, you have to ensure that you are comfortable in the shoes you use regularly as an ingrown toenail can tear your skin. It is better to wear sandals rather than shoes when you feel more pain due to an ingrown toenail. Here are few home remedies which can help treat ingrown toenails effectively. 


Take a handful of Epsom salts and add them in a tub of water. Soak your affected foot in the tub and get an instant relief from the pain and soreness caused due to an ingrown toenail. Follow this remedy thrice a day and soak your foot for at least 15 minutes to get relief. Soaking your feet in this Epsom salt solution can help reduce tenderness and swelling of your affected toe. However, it is suggested to follow this remedy during night before going to sleep as it can help reduce inflammation and allows nail to grow in the right direction naturally.

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Apply ointment on the affected area to get relief and reduce the discomfort caused due to an ingrown toenail. When the nail cuts the flesh within your skin, it starts paining. Apply an antibiotic ointment or cream which can protect the affected area from being further damaged by any kind of such infections.

Trimming nails:

Trim your nails frequently. Instead of letting your nails grown long, you have to cut them short and straight across to get rid of such condition. It is essential to use a good nail clipper which can help prevent tearing of nails. Don’t cut your nails too short, if you are already facing this condition.


Use cotton socks as it can help prevent from such infections. Socks which are dyed using several colors might cause further infection if you are already having an ingrown toenail. Cotton socks can also save you from further infections.


Use cotton under toenail and enable the nail to grow above the edge of skin. You can also try dental floss to achieve the same. Change cotton or dental floss till the pain subsides completely.

Pain relievers:

If you are not able to bear the pain caused due to ingrown toenails, you can take some pain relievers after consulting your doctor as he/she can mention the prescribed dosage which doesn’t cause any further side-effects.