Home Remedies to Treat Seasonal Allergies

Home Remedies to Treat Seasonal Allergies : 

Are you suffering from seasonal allergies which are often accompanied by swollen and red running nose, continuous sneezing and irritation in throat? If yes, then you might be aware of the discomfort caused by such seasonal allergies.

Seasonal allergies are insufferable at times and are also irritating. They can create discomfort and interrupt the daily routine of the person. Seasonal allergies mostly occur during spring and fall season when pollen is released from flowers and when these pollen grains are spread into atmosphere. Pollen grains initiate the production of histamine which leads to symptoms such as inflammation, allergies, running nose, sore throat, red eyes, wheezing etc.

Seasonal allergies are also accompanied with hay fever, allergic rhinitis which can create uncomfortable situations and also lead to weakness and fatigue. You may depend on medications, but they might cause some side effects. However, you can get rid of such seasonal allergies by following few home remedies which are proven to be effective and have no side-effects as well.  Here are few such home remedies which can provide relief from such seasonal allergies and are cost effective as well.


Peppermint leaves are proven to be effective in treating seasonal allergies. It is widely used in preparing cough syrups, pain relieving balms etc. Boil few peppermint leaves in water and inhale the vapors. These vapors can help clear your nasal blockage. You can also add few peppermint leaves to a cup of water and let it simmer for few minutes. Strain the solution and add few drops of honey to it. This is an effective remedy to treat inflammation and also provides an instant relief from cough and cold.

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Nettle tea:

Nettle tea is an effective home remedy to cure seasonal allergies. Nettle is known for its anti histamine properties. It helps control the production of histamine within your body and helps reduce the intensity of such seasonal allergies. Take few nettle leaves and add them in boiling water. Let it simmer for few minutes. Strain the solution. Add few drops of honey to this tea to make it little sweet. Drink three cups of nettle tea per day until the symptoms subside. Nettle tea also helps prevent inflammation.

Lemon and honey:

Lemon and honey is a fantastic combination which can help cure seasonal allergies due to the presence of anti-allergic properties. Take a cup of warm water and add few tablespoons of lemon juice to it. Mix it well and now add few drops of honey and stir it well. Drink it early in the morning to have a speedy recovery from seasonal allergies. Since prevention is better than cure, you can consume this drink everyday so that you are not prone to such allergies.


Turmeric and certain other spices can help prevent inflammation. Anti-inflammatory properties in turmeric can help cure seasonal allergies. Include turmeric in the food you cook. Turmeric can give an instant relief from allergies such as fatigue. Spices such as garlic, ginger, onions, cloves etc are also effective in curing seasonal allergies.