An intense workout can place considerable stress on the human body. Everything from your sleeping habits to your level of hydration can play a role in ensuring that you are able to safely and effectively push your body to the limit. Failing to adequately prepare could limit your results or even increase the risk of a sports injury.

Hydration and Sleep

A healthy lifestyle is a tremendous asset for those who are seeking to get the most out of their workouts. Inadequate or poor-quality sleep can interfere with metabolic function, robbing you of energy or impair the body’s ability to heal itself following a period of prolonged exertion. Those who think that healthy living begin and ends with the gym often find themselves hard pressed to unlock their true physical potential.


The right meal plan and good eating habits are also concerns that should not go overlooked. While working out on an empty stomach may help to burn fat, lacking the energy to get the most out of a workout may be a much more likely result. The best pre workout supplements can play a big role in ensuring that you are able to get more out of your next workout.

Stretching and Flexibility

Putting too much strain on muscles, tendons and ligaments without bothering to properly warm up first can drastically increase the risk of injury. Even something as minor as a sprain could lead to missed workouts and slower progress towards achieving a fitness goal. Taking the time to stretch and recognizing that flexibility may be just as important a fitness metric as strength and stamina helps to ensure that even the most intense workout can be completed safely.

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Building a Better Workout Routine

From making improvements to your overall lifestyle to finding the best ways to prepare for a workout, planning a workout routine that will provide superior results goes well beyond outlining sets and reps. If you are having trouble making it through a tough workout, try eating a snack or supplement a few hours before. If your workout leaves you too sore to move the next day, spend more time stretching or shift the emphasis from strength-training to cardio. A little fine-tuning is often required in order to keep adjusting a workout routine in order to account for physical gains and the increased performance that past workouts have made possible.