Let’s face it. Getting started with your own practice is not as easy as it sounds. Even if you are well set and established as a therapist, just the sheer cost and time commitment of running the show leaves less time for focusing on your practice and enhancing it.

If you are looking for an office space for therapy in New York especially for therapy, psychotherapy, and other counseling practices, you know how difficult it can be to find the ideal place.

This is because office space for therapy is not your run of the mill setup. There are specific criteria that you should look for. Here’s how you can select the best place.

1. Choose a place with a unique vantage point

Modern healthcare design uses research on the human psyche and design principles to create an environment of positivity and confidence between patients and therapists.

“Your space must help you as you set out to achieve specific goals. Naturally, office space for therapy needs to exude calming and soothing vibes,” says architect Neha Sarawate, who specializes in interior design for health care.

If you are setting up a counselling centre or a therapy/wellness clinic, you need to focus on creating a calm and rejuvenating environment to counter the strenuous work of therapy. This also provides the clients with an instant pick-me-up.

 2. Warm ambience

Therapy offices must exude the aura of softness, personalization and order. Environmental Psychologist Ann S Devlin and urban planning researcher Jack L Nasar of The Ohio State University have conducted significant research on the subject.

For their study, they examined people’s reaction to various photographs of actual therapist offices. And the more an office displayed the characteristics of comfort, softness and orderliness, the better the reaction of people about the office and its practitioners. This means elements like comfortable chairs, soft pillows, aesthetics like art work, and overall neatness of the place can make a huge difference.

3. Choose colors that set the tone

The color scheme of your office must convey an overarching theme of lightness. So your wall colours should be ideally in colors like blue-green, off white, sky blue, mauve etc. to promote the sense of relaxation and calm.

4. A place that lets in natural light

Natural light is an instant mood booster, so it is important to choose office spaces that incorporate skylights or windows. If the windows look out on natural scenery and calming scenes, it is all the better.

However, it is not always possible to find places that offer natural light or great views. The best option is to pick offices or design them with soft lighting and lamps rather than overhead fluorescent lighting. Modern light bulbs often simulate natural light and help create a positive ambience.

5. Go green

Elements of nature work very well in office spaces for therapy. Be it plants, nature in art, or views of green courtyards and landscaped gardens, these can enhance the healing of a place.

Sometimes just looking at green scenes can lower your blood pressure. Use pictures or images that convey comfort and happiness.  Similarly, many people find natural colored wood with grain rather than non-grain surfaces. Wood is overall a popular choice unlike or reasons that aren’t entirely clear, people prefer natural-colored wood with a grain rather than non-grain surfaces, research finds. People also feel more comfortable with wood than with sleeker material such as glass and chrome.

6. Consider the furniture placement

The selection and organization of furniture can have a big impact on how people perceive your office space. It is a good idea therefore to test a few combinations to find out what works best before finalizing your placement.

It is a good idea to read up Feng Shui tips because there is a great deal of emphasis on placement of furniture, clutter and the use of open air and light.

Seating arrangement is again an important factor. Seats that face each other directly while in session are the ideal choice.

As you can see there are so many criteria that you need to bear in mind while selecting an office space for therapy. Alternatively, you can outsource your requirement to specialists like Lina that provide the best office space for medical, therapy and wellness. Lina not only provides office space that is best suited for your practice, their expert teams solve every little administrative or organization problem that can crop up when you run your practice.