Under eye puffiness can deny a woman her confidence, therefore, making her feel inferior. For under eye puffiness caused by genetics or allergies, your options become fewer even if you take lots of water, get enough sleep and eat well. The bags will still be there. You can still achieve a more flawless look using makeup as a temporary measure distracting your eye bags. Other treatment may promise long-term solutions, but meanwhile, you can hide them using makeup. Apply the makeup in the right way to cover and conceal the puffiness on your face.


Hiding the puffiness under eyes with makeup

Restorative Cream for the eye

Before applying the cream use a good moisturizer with SPF 15, this is because dryness exacerbates your puffiness. Get cream whose ingredient includes caffeine. Refrigerate the cream and apply when cold. The cream will help tighten the skin, reduce its puffiness and help with drainage. The cold cream causes the skin to contract. Hence, the skin becomes tighter so, you are ready to put your makeup on.


Your eyes might have deep-sets causing creases and valleys you need to apply a lot of concealers otherwise it would look like punches in the face. The concealer will come with a lot of creasing and flaking so; primer sets your skin so that the makeup would last for a longer period especially if you are covering eye bags for a day out. So it blends outwards creating a better surface for your makeup. Nothing makes an eye shadow stays in its place like a primer. It does an excellent job in keeping the concealer in place.

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Yellow and pink Concealer Palettes

Yellow works well for general concealing and evening out the skin tone. Use it in areas that need equalizing such as dark blue shadows that come with eye bags. It works by banishing the dark blue shadows giving you a cleaner look. Apply using a small brush over the eye bags. Pink concealer is for serious under circles. It neutralizes dark blue or purplish circles or spots. Yellow and pink concealers are in the best place as a primer.

Golden Shimmer

Taking a swipe of gold shimmer for instance under your eyes can take away the appearance of puffiness distracting the bags under eyes and giving you a brighter look. Using a small eyeshadow brush and golden shimmer into the corners of the eyes, adjacent to the tear ducts. Shimmering allows light to reveal near the eye, to canceling out the dull shadows of your eye bags. You can also add some golden shimmer under your brow bone for formal appearance as well.

Eyeliner and Mascara

Heavily line the top of your eyelid to create distracts attention from the eye bags. You call attention to the top eyelid, not the under eye bag. Don’t line both upper and lower eyelids with liner nevertheless, line up top eyelid to leave your eyes to look brighter. You can spice it all up by having two coats of mascara to give you an open look.

How tricky is the makeup for the under-eye skin

Makeup doesn’t rid you off under eye bag that’s for sure! Regular use of makeup may also bring its problems. Listed are some of the dark sides of makeup.

  • Under eye skin is quite delicate therefore cosmetics, and makeup can cause significant inflammation from allergies resulting from their application more so eyeliner and mascara.
  • Some makeup also contains mercury, parabens and lead; extreme measures are necessary to ensure you don’t fall a victim of blindness caused by lead. It is not easy to detect lead deposits at first because of the regular use. Check the ingredients before purchasing and go for brands that are authenticated by dermatologists or certifying authorities.
  • Do not share cosmetic products even with your sister because bacterial infection moves from person to person
  • The eye lining is a sensitive area if you put on eyeglasses it can facilitate eye infection from particles collected by the contact glasses
  • When the eye is infected, stop any eye makeups
  • Check on expiry dates very vital
  • Cleanse your eye at the end of the day to remove the makeup
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People whose under-eye bags are there because of genetics and have tried several measures such as taking lots of water, getting enough sleep and even reducing their salt intake, only a few over the counter options may assist them to hide the bags. The puffiness does not go entirely. Allergies are also a primary concern; while taking all the remedial tips may reduce the puffiness always take allergy medicine to mitigate the fluid buildup. Makeup is a temporary way of hiding the puffiness under eyes with a myriad of challenges such as the risk of inflammation resulting from the use of certain makeup products.