The quality of your mattress has a lot to do with the quality of your sleep. It is a very well known fact; however, many people don’t replace their mattresses in time due to the heavy cost involved. A poor quality mattress may have a number of health consequences that can end up ruining their health and prove far more costly in the long run. Here’s how:

Increased Levels of Stress

Studies have clearly established the link between a poor quality mattress and enhanced stress levels. The stress results from theinadequacy of sleep both in terms of quantity and quality as well as discomfort due to lower back pain after waking up and a general feeling of fatigue and irritation.


With long use, the average mattress gets extremely dusty and also full of dust mites, which thrive on the dead cells, shed by your body. Dust mites cause respiratory problems that result in sore throats as well as severe lung problems. You also tend to snore due to the irritation caused by dust mites in your airways. Bites by bed bugs can result in severe skin rash and eczema. Even though you can try and keep your mattress clean by regular washing of the bed sheets and pillowcases as well as vacuuming of the mattress, a new mattress becomes necessary every 8-10 years.

Back Pain

Back pain is another common problem that results from sleeping on a poor quality mattress. The back pain can be so distressing that you can have a very poor quality sleep during the night and wakeup feeling sore and your lower back aching. Studies have conclusively established that by regularly replacing your mattress you can lower the risk of back pain as new mattresses typically give better support. Mattresses that are medium firm are better than the ones that are hard or soft. The latest nectar vs. purple mattress comparisongives a clear indication of the ability to deliver back pain relief.

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An old mattress that is no longer providing optimum support to your body may result in your airways coming under pressure, which in turn may lead to snoring. Snoring is usually taken very slightly by most people though research has proven that it can prove to be very hazardous to health and may even result in death. The dust mite buildup may also cause your respiratory system to be irritated and this may be reflected in your snoring.

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An old mattress that can no longer deliver a good quality sleep may be one of the reasons of you being overweight. Lack of sleep due to the condition of the mattress may be causing you to stay awake more and encouraging you to binge eating. With repeated overeating and snacking at odd hours, you could easily end up being obese.


If the old mattress makes good quality sleep impossible, your body comes under a lot of stress and physical strain. As a result, you tend to fall prey to many diseases that can take a heavy toll on your health.