Eyes are the most sensitive organs in the body. Therefore, a person needs to be very careful when using any chemicals around the eye. There are chemicals that can cause negative reactions when it comes into contact with the eye. The worst still, some can cause eye irritation or blindness. Before you use any chemical on your eyes, you need to know its possible side effects.  For instance, facial cleansers some chemicals that can easily come into contact with your eyes. What we always ask ourselves is, “is it safe to use facial cleansers on our eyes?” The following are some effects of some facial cleansers;

Facial Cleanser

1. Causes puffiness under eye

As mentioned earlier, eyes are the most sensitive part of your face. When some chemicals get into the eye, chemical reactions may occur and lead to inflammation on the skin around your eyes. This, in turn, causes puffiness under the eye, a condition that gives a person a very unpleasant appearance. Therefore, when using facial cleansers, you need to know the exact effects of their ingredients on the skin around your eyes. Even if you close your eyes while cleansing you face, you at least have experienced soap getting into their eyes while bathing. Accidents do occur and you can never convince anyone that you can be so perfect in protecting your eyes while using facial cleansers.

2. Irritations in the eyes

When a foreign object gets into your eyes, you always feel a lot of discomfort or pain. Luckily, you can be able to carefully remove the solid objects and stop the irritation. Sometimes contaminated water can also cause irritations on your eyes. Facial cleansers are mostly found in liquid forms and are often soluble in body fluids. When it gets into your eyes, it dissolves and you can never be able to take them out easily like solid objects. This makes you rub your eyes in the struggle to get the foreign matter out of your eyes eye. In the process, tears come out involuntarily and your eyes become red.

3. Can cause vision problems

For the case of irritation and puffiness, they are things that come and the eye recovers after some time. These two can be bearable and hence, using the facial cleanser may not be such a big issue. The problem comes when the irritation and puffiness occur and instead of healing they cause problems to the general functions of your eyes. You may experience a problem of clearly seeing things like you used to before the mishap. Most of these substances are those that corrode the eye to a point of destroying the eye lenses.

This is permanent damage that you may not want to ever experience.
It is almost close to be unrealistic in advising against the use of the facial cleansers. This is because they are the best in removing makeup and also the best cleanser rarely has the negative effects. Using exfoliating chemicals is also the best way to exfoliate than using the face washing cloth. If you must use a facial cleanser, then it should not contain the following substances;

i. Jojoba beads

These beads are substances that are usually used in the production of exfoliating chemicals. Some facial cleansers also contain these substances due to give them the ability to remove makeup without much struggle. Jojoba beads products can be preferable for their effectiveness but have severe negative effects on the eye. If they can exfoliate your skin, what do you think it can do to the eye?

ii. Acids

Most acids included in the cleansers have great exfoliating abilities. Lactic and glycolic acids are some acids that work well in exfoliating the skin. You should therefore, never consider a facial cleanser with any of these acids. You know what exfoliating substances can do to your eyes given that they are only protected by a very thin layer!

iii. Pepper

Peppermint is a substance that causes a sharp sensation on the lips when consumed. Not all people can withstand such a burning sensation. When it gets into the eye, no one can now withstand the irritation comfortably. It causes a lot of pain in the eyes and is often a major cause of puffiness. Other substances that have the same effects as these are methanol and spearmint.

iv. Natural oils

Pure natural oils like coconut oil and olive oil are great in enhancing the skin beauty. However, when they get into the eyes, they cause a temporary vision problem. Avoid using the concentrated form of these oils to avoid the negative effects.


Our facial beauty is very important for the general body beauty. The appearance is influenced by both the eye and the skin beauty. Both of them therefore, need maximum care. Using the facial cleanser containing the mentioned substances is like neglecting the basic needs of the eye beauty. Responsibility and caution are thus required.