You will definitely need a comeback with your wardrobe makeover this year. If you do not possess these five mentioned dresses, get ready for a shopping spree that will have you covered for the year. This article has managed to capture the wardrobe essential dresses of the year that have proven not only worth the investment, but also in style.

They will have you covered for any event you intend to attend, be it a wedding, bachelorette party, cocktail party, graduation or any other event that is listed in your calendar. This means, you will at no given time be caught unprepared; thanks to these perfect dresses of the year. Thus, your regular dressing will be boundlessly easy.

1. Little Black Dress (LBD)

There is absolutely no outfit that is considered a black slate for styling and accessorizing that can still bring out a chic look naturally as the LBD. This dress can get you through many tough countless times, especially when faced with the hard decision of settling for an outfit.

Every woman should know this staple outfit and how crucial it is to invest in a specific special one. Try looking for a detailed dress that has interesting sleeves with an embellished belt. Note that finding the appropriate fit for your size and body shape is not only crucial but will also play a fundamental role in boosting your overall appearance.

2. Floral Print Dress

From an afternoon coffee to the weekend getaway, this dress will have you covered for every single occasion. You will definitely catch the attention of many as the outfit accentuates your features and makes you stand out, looking all cute and chic. You can also team the outfit with either a pair of nude wedge or heels.

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This outfit will definitely save you from many different and tricky situations. You will eventually end up looking all gorgeous and fabulous effortlessly, while at the same time hiding the mere fact that you had no clue on what to wear.

3. Backless Dress

For a classy look, a backless dress will keep your front covered and flaunt your back, making it look sexy and daring simultaneously. If your back is moderately clear with a perfectly toned skin, then a backless dress will perfectly suit you for the next great event you plan to attend. However, with this type of outfit, you will need a low-back bra as they possess a band, which wraps your stomach leaving the chest with enough support.

4. Leather Dress

With an even bigger approach, leather has returned spreading all over across the world.It is by no surprise that leather dresses have proved to grow with much intent and have been more wonderful over the years, consequently being worn to make a statement by most individuals and especially celebrities.The time has passed when just the biker chic was seen in leather.Itshot and sexy range has led to itbeing one of the trending fashions to fit. Whether an Accordion Pleats, Bell Sleeves, Spaghetti Straps or even a Calf length leather dress, it is with no doubt that you will make a strong fashion statement if you grace an occasion with these dresses.

5. Peek-A-Boo Lace Dress

Considering the fact that lace is a timeless style, its recent incarnations are off the charts. Lace accented pieces are now hotter than ever. However, this fabric can at times become tricky to pull off,but the moment you have gained a mastery of it, you’ll certainly fall for it.

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There is certainly no better way to flaunt your romantic and Sexy wedding dresses than with the classy range of lace dresses. A combination of its detailed and intricate patterns brings out a glamorous and elegant look.There are a wide-range of lace dresses that will come in handy for your cocktail night out or date.If you intend to enhance your look, a cocktail lace dress will definitely bring out your adventurous charm and feminine flair as you grace any event.

Try keeping your ensemble modest considering it is attention grabbing. If at all you aren’t sure about the trend, try putting on only a single piece for an outfit to bring out the pretty look. To keep a lace piece classy, try to wear something beneath it. You can also accessorize them with shoes, tights, headbands or even jewelry to add glam to your look.


Even with the ever-changing fashion trends, some of the above dresses have remained to be timeless. These dresses are known to complement different body shapes, provided they are worn appropriately. All you simply need is to get the appropriate size for you, especially that which flatters your great features and assets. This year will definitely be your year to make your fashion statement and a comeback with these five great dresses of your time.