If you have been using the traditional method of removing hair, you might take a step back if someone suggests getting a laser hair removal procedure.

With the traditional methods, such as shaving, the hair grows back within days. There are creams that you can use but may result in a bad smell. There is waxing, but it is excruciating and will take time for you to get used to it if you decide to go that way. Electrolysis has a permanent effect, but the procedure is painful and takes a long time to complete.

How often do you need to under the laser?

The results of the procedure will take time for you to see them, and will take several more visits to complete the process.

You can have different parts of your body like your armpits, legs, or arms go through laser hair removal. There is still pain involved when you go through it but is not as painful as waxing. Some clinics often use numbing creams or ice to help dull the pain before and after the process.

Once you go through the procedure, the hair becomes more delicate.

Types of lasers

Contrary to popular belief that all laser procedures are the same, there are five types of lasers that clinics use for hair removal. They are great for different types of hair, and you can use a skin test to check what will work for your skin.

Diodes are best for light and dark colours and are excellent for a wide range of wavelengths. You have to let a professional use it, so you are assured that you are using the right wavelength for your skin.

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Alexandrite is the quickest and is best for people with light to olive complexions. It has a shorter wavelength compared to the ND: YAG. This type of laser has a fast rate of repetition and larger spot size and makes the alexandrite perfect for big itches of hair, especially on the legs.

The ND: YAG is a long pulse laser that is effective on every type of skin, although it is less efficient with fine hair; this type of laser has longer infrared wavelengths that go directly to the hair follicles.

Ruby is perfect for fair skin and was the first one designed for hair removal. It has a high rate of melanin absorption and works for fair and thin hair.

IPL or intense pulsed light therapy is not a laser, but it is the most known among the five. With IPL, it sends out a whole spectrum making it less efficient and best for fair hair. It is also cheaper if you are working with a budget.

You have to do a skin patch test a full day before the procedure so you will know the best type of laser to use.

Final word

Getting hair removed using a laser can do a lot to lessen the number of body hairs someone has, and it may still grow over time. If it does, there is less hair. You have to make sure that you are aware of the results, as it differs from person to person. Talk with a specialist to understand what you should expect before, during, and after the process, especially if you have darker skin than others.

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