If you’re suffering from back pain – whether it be short-term or chronic, it can be debilitating and negatively affect your life. Try out these tips to ease your agony as much as possible and help with your discomfort. Of course, check in with your doctor before you make any major lifestyle changes that make cause further pain to yourself.


  1. Minimal Massage

You don’t want to make any pain worse so ensure you are gentle. For lower back pain, try using both hands behind your back and make a V shape with your fingers. Gently apply pressure in circular motions and from side to side. Do this a couple of times a day or whenever you’re in pain to give yourself a little relief. If you’re happy to invest, a massage chair is the ultimate in pain relief, or book an appointment with an osteopath. If the massage is causing your discomfort to become worse, stop immediately.


  1. Yoga and Exercise

Gentle yoga and pilates will help stretch out your back and improve your flexibility. Make sure you’re performing moves that are low stress for your back so no back flips, please! You want to strengthen the area not cause any more damage. Exercise also increases your mental health – something that can be chipped away by horrible pain.


  1. Holistic Help

If you’re willing to try a more natural approach give acupuncture a go. Having a bunch of needles stuck in you to relieve pain can seem counterproductive but years of research show that it really can work. The practice itself causes very little pain and can increase feel-good endorphins to help ward off your existing discomfort.

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  1. Hot and Cold

Applying varying temperatures to the area will offer some temporary relief from your suffering. If you’ve had your pain for less than two weeks a cold compress is your best option. It will decrease any swelling you may have and help to numb the area. Try some ice wrapped in a towel or if you want something less messy, pick up a cold pack from your nearest pharmacy to keep in the freezer. If you’ve had your backache for longer then a heat pack will more suitable. Try a hot water bottle or a scented lavender microwavable pack which will ease not only your back but your mind too.


  1. Painkillers

Again, check-in with your doctor before taking any new medication but painkillers are super helpful when dealing with backache. Ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatories will reduce your discomfort and help you be more mobile throughout the day. Be sure to only take painkillers for a few days at a time as they will become less effective over time and some may be addictive.


  1. Take a Breath

It’s easy to let the pain get the better of us. Sometimes it can feel never-ending and it’s hard to see any light at the end of the tunnel. However, taking a breath and relaxing can be the best thing for you. When we’re feeling tense our body is tense too. Try some breathing exercises for stress or if you’re able to be really zen, why not try some meditation?


  1. Wear a Back Brace

A brace may seem drastic, but it can really help support your spine and stop you from twisting. By keeping your back nice and straight you’ll help prevent further damage and also improve your posture.

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  1. Weight Loss

The more weight we carry the more likely we are to have back trouble. Imagine lugging around a huge suitcase all day on your back – it would hurt, right? This is what we do daily, carrying around our bodies! Lighten the load on yourself by maintaining a healthy weight with appropriate nutrition and gentle exercise.


  1. Get out of Bed

As tempting as it can be to lay in bed to reduce your pain, movement is really important. If you remain laying or sitting in one position for too long you will increase stiffness. Get up and about as much as you can handle. When you do sleep, make sure you’re resting on a good quality mattress that feels comfortable for you. If you are in the market for a new mattress, do plenty of research to find out exactly what type of mattress is best for reducing back pain.


Remember that if you ever feel a tingling or numb sensation in your legs or arms whilst suffering from back pain, you must call a doctor immediately.


Have you got a bad back? Comment below which tips you find useful to help ease the aches!