Kidney disease can be a tricky disease to live with on a daily basis. While kidney failure is dangerous, it does come in stages. These stages relate to varying degrees of how dysfunctional the kidneys have become, but many people have shown an amazing ability to adapt and live productive lives even with kidney failure.


Causes of Kidney Disease

There are two primary causes of kidney disease. Diabetes and high blood pressure are the two most common reasons why people head down a road towards kidney failure. Over use of medications like ibuprofen and acetaminophen have also been known to be alternative causes of kidney disease. Inflammatory responses in the kidneys caused by catching strep throat can also be a reason behind this debilitating condition.


Receiving Dialysis

When kidney disease progresses too far along, you will need dialysis to help your kidney’s cope throughout their state of impairment. For a long time, you had to go to a clinic to have dialysis performed on your kidneys. This process was both a hassle and exhausting to patients. Today, modern technology is bringing the process of peritoneal dialysis right into the comfort of your own home. With the aid of a device like the Baxter Dialysis Machine, you can perform in-home dialysis while maintaining remote contact and updates with your physician. Plus, this machine will talk a patient through the process to make certain each step is properly executed.


Managing Symptoms

With the ability to monitor your vital signs with wearable tech these days, you can stay on top of everything from your blood pressure to your blood sugar levels. By watching these factors on a regular basis and working to keep these levels within a normal range, you can effectively live a long life with kidney disease. It may be a stricter lifestyle you must adhere to, but at least it will be one where your kidneys still work to a significant degree. What is perhaps even more promising, however, is that researchers are working on wearable artificial kidneys to help better deal with the kidney’s ability to filter waste and perform other vital tasks for people experiencing end-stage kidney failure.


Modern technology makes it possible to live with kidney disease far easier than in the past. From in-home dialysis to wearable tech to help you stay on top of factors contributing to your condition, you will be able to take an active role in your own healthcare. Plus, the tech that makes your kidney disease maintenance more accessible to your participation is only going to improve as time moves forward.