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When you’re working as a material handler, you might experience a few back problems every now and then. It’s important to take proper care of your back because there are several health issues that can result if the muscles are strained and if the spine is injured in any way. There are a few tips that you can follow in order to lift and move about with ease and safety so that you’re not straining this area of the body.

Proper Posture

While you’re working, you want to pay attention to how you stand. Avoid standing with your shoulders slumped forward as this can put more strain on the back. Try to balance the weight of the body and the materials you’re handling as evenly as possible. If you’re sitting during the day, then you want to practice proper posture as well so that there isn’t strain on the lower back. Once you begin to adjust the body through the day, then these movements will come naturally to you instead of being forced movements that you have to think about.

Use The Proper Gear

When you’re working as a material handler, you need to use the right gear. Wear a back brace during the day for more support. Consider getting casters for the items that you’re moving. You can order casters from companies like Garland’s, Inc. These small wheels will make it easier to move large boxes and other items around the building without putting a lot of strain on the back during the day as most of the movement is from the wheels instead of the force you exude from the back, legs, and arms.

Techniques With Lifting

When you’re lifting on a daily basis, you might notice that there are muscles in certain areas of the body that are used more than others. To avoid putting any strain on these muscles, especially those in the lower back and shoulders, practice proper lifting techniques. Keep items close to the body when you’re handling them so that you maintain your balance. Avoid twisting while you’re working so that you don’t pull or strain muscles in the back.

Pay Attention To Your Body

Listen to when your body is telling you to stop working. If you have any kind of pain in the back or in any other location, you need to take it easy so that the body can heal. Change the position of the body during the day. Take a walk to keep the muscles and blood flow active through the body.

As a material handler, you really don’t know what you’re going to be working with each day. Use proper techniques while working so that your body is protected. You also want to use the correct gear while you’re working so that the body is protected from unnecessary strain.