wet shaving benefitsAs you can see there are many wet shaving benefits that come from making the switch to wet shaving. That is using a double edge safety razor or a straight razor.

Of course, it is not for everyone so keep reading to see if it could be right for you.

Less Irritation

One of the first and biggest health benefits you will see when wet shaving is less skin irritation.

If you are used to using the typical multi-blade cartridge razors you may find them convenient. They may even seem cheap when you first buy them.

But how about spending $4-5 per blade refill that might last a week? This seems like a lot when you compare it to the cost of a disposable safety razor blade.

You can find 100 packs for around $10! You do the math.

The multi-blade razors are designed to allow the first blade or two to pull up on your hair. Then the last couple blades cut the hair below the skin surface.

When the hair retreats, it is now sharp and possibly curling back into your skin. This what causes razor bumps.

Guys with curly hair are especially prone to razor burn or others with sensitive skin.

Using a safety razor allows you to have more control over your shave and how close you cut to the skin. While irritation can still occur, especially if you are rushing or not careful, it is much less likely.

You can also use other accessories like a pre-shave oil for extra lubrication that goes underneath your shaving cream. This will help the blade slide smoothly over your skin.

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If you normally suffer from irritation, you can simply perform one pass with the razor. This will give you the look of a clean shave but not cut so close.

If you would like a completely smooth shave many guys will perform a second pass across the grain and a third against the grain of their hair.

However, you should never go against the grain if you are worried about irritation.

Can Anyone Do It?

There is definitively a learning curve when you switch to wet shaving however, it will be worth your time and effort.

These types of razors have been around for over 150 years so the technique has been perfected.

If you haven’t made the switch before now because you are worried about cutting yourself, well you probably will.

However, you can even cut yourself with a multi-blade razor, it is just much harder.

As long as you take  your time and go slow in the beginning you will be fine. This is a skill that can be learned just like anything else.

There are also tons of videos and forums online that can help you perfect the technique.

Better For The Environment

Not to keep picking on the multi-blade razors, but have you seen how much plastic is used in producing and packaging them?

Most safety razors are made of some type of metal that is chrome plated. So, once you find the right razor for you, it will last your for many years to come.

The disposable blades are made of stainless steel which you can recycle. They also usually come in a cardboard box so the packaging is better as well.

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Wet Shaving Benefits Conclusion

Hopefully by now you can see why the wet shaving benefits will change your view on shaving. Like we mentioned, it is not for everyone.

However, if you think you have the courage most people who switch never go back to a multi-blade cartridge razor.

While everyone’s beard and skin type are different, you may need to try a few different razors or blades to get the perfect combo for you. But that is the fun part of the process!