How medical professionals find patients in a digital world

The internet has made competition between medical professionals fiercer than ever. One of the biggest problems is that review sites can overwhelm patients with too many options. As a result, people often choose new medical specialists based on star rating systems and brief testimonials.

How do successful medical professionals find and retain the attention of patients in a digital world?

Social Media

Many professionals sponsor educational programs through partner businesses and organizations that promote their support on social media to members of targeted patient groups. Some also use keyword hashtag searches on social media platforms like Twitter to find and follow the accounts of anyone who seems to have a specific condition. This simple action increases leads because automatic notifications draw a person’s attention to their new followers’ accounts.

Expert Reputation

Another method that medical specialists use to find and attract patients is a traditional method that works well offline: They build a reputation as an expert in their field so that they look like a valuable resource to their target market. A professional creates videos, participates in a Q&A webinars and publishes content about health conditions and industry-related news to their website and partner, industry and social media sites. Some specialists also comment briefly under industry and news articles and then link back to their own content.

Provider Websites

Sites that allow patient reviews of medical professionals often cause visitors to compare professionals from the same field of study. A smart medical professional can hire a company like Dr. Leonardo to set up a provider website that serves as online biography and promotional piece to attract and retain people’s attention. A provider website also includes a professional’s name in the URL so that someone searching for more information about a specific person finds that person’s link at or near the top of the first page of search results.

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Signup Referrals

A lot of people agree in writing to participate in research studies or accept referrals that might improve their health and well-being. Some of these agreements include permission to be contacted by medical professionals that the healthcare system or third-party company feels would be of help to the patient. Signup referrals can also come from subscriptions to email newsletters that feature contributed content or paid advertising by one or more specific professionals.

Successful medical professionals know that they have to build their reputation and widen their reach to compete. Try these tips to increase your new patient numbers today.