Have you been keeping your partner or family up all night with your constant snoring? It’s time to understand the basics of snoring and how to get rid of it for good.

Snoring can disrupt your sleep patterns and cause life-threatening medical conditions such as sleep apnea, insomnia, and breathing obstruction. You are also likely to suffer from fatigue throughout the day affecting your work and day-to-day lifestyle.

What is the primary cause of snoring?

When air gets obstructed from moving freely between your throat and nasal airways, the surrounding tissues begin to vibrate; this sound effect is known as snoring. Often times the tongue can get in between your normal breathing pattern and may also cause snoring.

Snoring can also be caused due to:

Being overweight

Excess buildup of fatty tissue around the neck and throat area can cause breathing to be obstructed which leads to snoring.

Gender based

Men are typically more prone to snore than women, due to narrow air passages in the throat. Physical attributes such as cleft palate, enlarged adenoids, etc. contribute to this behavior.


As you get older, the muscle tone within your throat area decreases, this causes the throat tension to relax and obstruct airflow.

Sleeping Postures

Sometimes a simple reason such as sleeping on your back can cause snoring due to the airways being easily blocked due to the posture.

Combat Snoring by following these anti-snoring methods

Snoring can be harmful to your health just as it’s harmful to your relationship with your loved ones. For a detailed comparison of snoring aids and their functions, click here.

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Endorse the following methods and prevent snoring once and for all.

Method 1: Lose weight with exercise and diet

Dropping a few pounds can reduce your fatty tissue count by a significant number. This frees up your airways and lets you normalize your breathing pattern. Perform aerobic exercises and build up your lung capacity to breathe better.

Following a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, and plenty of vitamins is a good way to keep fit.

Method 2: Avoid sleeping pills and sedatives

Regular intake of sleep aids in the form of pills can interfere with your natural sleep. These drugs can increase muscle relaxation in the throat and cause excessive snoring levels. Speak with your physician and opt for natural foods to promote natural relaxation.

Method 3: Follow a sleeping pattern

Establish your sleep time to about 7-8 hours every night as a routine. Disrupting this pattern can cause your body clock to reset and cause sleep apnea as well as encourage snoring.

Method 4: Clear nasal airways

Stuffy nose and clogged sinuses are primary reasons for snoring. Utilize a nasal decongestant to clear the throat and nasal passages; you can also clear out dust mites by regularly vacuuming your bedroom. If you have pets, keep them out of your bedroom as pet dander can aggravate your allergies.

Method 5: Quit smoking and alcohol

While this is easier said than done, eliminating smoking and alcohol can do your health a world of good as well as improve your sleep quality. These unhealthy habits tend to irritate the membranes and block your airways.

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Method 6: Utilize anti-snoring appliances

There are numerous anti-snoring devices in the market that can help reduce your snoring. These snoring aids are available in the form of:

  • Nasal Strips – These strips allow the nostrils to open up and promote smoother breathing patterns. They can relieve snoring by targeting the nasal congestions and are among the most common snoring aids.
  • Theravent – Using a MicroValve technology, the device uses the breathing pattern of your inhale and exhale actions to create a gentle pressure that keeps the throat airways open which in turn reduces the vibrations associated with snoring.
  • Snore sprays – come in different flavors and apply a solution to your nasal lining that opens up more room for breathing.
  • Chin straps – force the mouth to be closed to keep the breathing limited to the nasal airways and prevent snoring entirely.

Hope these solutions will help you cure your snoring problems very quickly and you get good night sleeps.