Working out is always portrayed as fun, exciting, adventurous and casual – at least on TV and the Internet. However, there is a very simple reason behind such a portrayal: gyms and fitness centers always choose a young individual to be their spokesperson. But not all gym goers are young and not only young people wish to work out. When it comes to seniors, their fitness program has to be adapted to their age and abilities and they cannot be expected to lift weights, bench-press and do cardio as much as the youngsters do. Here are some exercises they should focus on and how they can turn their home into a working out space.

Why is Working Out Important?

Of course, senior citizens are not expected to work out strenuously nor achieve highly visible results, but a certain level of activity should still be maintained. The main reason for staying active is related to their health, both mental and physical – being in shape means that you will be ready to fight off various illnesses more easily.

From Alzheimer’s disease and dementia to colon cancer, high blood pressure and diabetes – all of these can be controlled by increased physical activity. And this does not have to include working out in a gym exclusively, but activities like dancing can be highly beneficial as well, states a 2009 study.

Which Exercises to Choose?

When choosing suitable exercises for senior citizens, be sure to settle on those that do not give you too much trouble or pose too big a threat to your body. In other words: stay away from heavy dumbbells and tiring treadmills and stick to less dangerous choices you can do at home or out in the open, surrounded by fresh air.

For example, walking up and down the stairs is a simple yet quite effective way to activate your leg muscles and pump up your metabolism level. Also, speed walking is good for your cardio system and it will do wonders for your endurance. Riding a bike has the same effect, as well as hiking in the nature. Finally, water aerobics is a good choice as it reduces your level of stress and water makes your movements much easier and natural. If you, nevertheless, insist on working out in a gym, choose your routine wisely and consult a professional.

How to Set Up Your Own Gym?

When you are a senior, you probably do not want to attend a gym on a daily basis and be the center of attention, so setting up a few piece of equipment at your own home might be a better idea. One of the wisest things to do is get a multi-functional weight machine that has everything you need. You can individually focus on your legs, back, neck and chest and rotate these exercises on a daily basis. However, try not to overdo it – four sets of ten repetitions three times a week is quite enough.

Another benefit of working out at home is the ability to take a break whenever you want. You can drink as much water as you need, grab a quick and refreshing snack and even consult your medical cabinet if you feel that your heart rate is too high.

Remember: working out is great, but preserving your health is much more important.

Additional Requirement

There is another aspect of senior fitness you must not omit – fashion. Your workout clothes have to be comfortable, fitting and soft. The better you look, the better you will feel, and your results will be more visible in less time!