There are many ways to use DNA these days; in fact, a DNA test is given every day somewhere in the country. They are more reliable than they’ve ever been, and if you’re curious about the many reasons the tests are given, below are just a few of them.

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  1. To Establish Paternity

If you want to know the true parentage of a child, there is a DNA test specifically for that purpose. A child’s paternity is needed for many reasons, including for legal reasons and even for peace of mind. The results of the test can even provide a way to fill gaps in someone’s family history, making this a very important test for a lot of people.


  1. To Help with a Criminal Investigation

Although DNA isn’t used in real life quite like it is on television shows, it is still an important part of many criminal investigations. DNA evidence can both exonerate someone and find someone guilty, and its accuracy is higher today than ever before. It is especially useful in solving unsolved crimes. It has even been used to set innocent people free, which make the testing even more important.


  1. To Help with Space Research

Research organizations sometimes use a DNA test to test new species and even unidentified articles that are found in outer space. When it comes to establishing the origin of an article and its connection to any existing life forms, this test can’t be beat. This is a sophisticated and high-tech way to use this type of testing, but it has been proven to be very valuable to space research.

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  1. To Assist Archaeologists in Their Work

Archaeologists find these tests very useful because they can be used to keep track of progression of life on earth and even of genetic codes, enabling them to connect various archaeological finds and determine how they are related. They even use DNA databases to keep track of their findings and compare the results to current projects.


  1. To Determine the Health of a Fetus

Doctors can now perform a DNA test on an unborn fetus not only to determine its current health status, but also to get an accurate picture of the chances of future illnesses and diseases. Although not as common as you might think, it is expected that using these tests for this purpose is going to be more common in the future.


  1. To Help Locate Genetic Ancestors

If you are searching for your genetic ancestors, DNA testing can be a huge asset. The male Y chromosome usually doesn’t change from one generation to the next, so it becomes easier for a person to track his or her genetic ancestors. Often, they can use this information to find their relatives going back several generations.


  1. To Track Long-Lost Relatives

A DNA test can also be used to track down long-lost relatives who are missing or whose whereabouts are unknown. The test can even help confirm a biological relationship, and it is even possible to track relatives using sibling and grandparent DNA information.