Smile Bright 6 Tips for Good Dental Hygiene

You already know your smile is the first thing many people notice about you when they meet you, and you know there is nothing you can do to change the opinion they form when they see your teeth. If you’re not happy with your smile or you’re simply worried your oral hygiene habits are the best, there are a few things you can do to help improve your dental hygiene that isn’t scary, overwhelming, or costly.


Find the Right Dentist

When it’s time to find a dentist office, you can’t settle. Find an office that offers what you want, that has a staff you enjoy, and meet with the dentist. See if they offer what you need, if they work with your entire family, and ask them the questions that are most important to you. You will find it much easier to improve your oral health if you really like your dentist.


Replace Your Brush Regularly

Did you know some people forget to replace their toothbrush because it still looks nice? The truth is you can’t just keep brushing with the same brush because it is in good condition. You must replace it every three to four months or even sooner if you brush hard or notice it is not as effective. Continuing to use the same old brush is dangerous for your overall oral health.


Steer Clear of Sticky Treats

Things that stick to your teeth are not just dangerous because they are laden with sugar. They’re dangerous because they can damage your teeth. You can break your teeth or damage them in other ways. Biting into a candy cane, for example, is not only leaving a lot more sugar on your teeth, it’s also potentially damaging your teeth when you chew on its hardness.

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Indulge in Sweets Immediately after Eating

If you’re not hungry for dessert after a meal, skip it. You should always eat sugary foods that are bad for your teeth soon after a meal. Your mouth produces more saliva when you eat a full meal. This helps rinse the sugar and other bacteria off your teeth while you’re eating, and this is so much better for dessert. Brushing also helps, but that excess salvia is important.


Don’t Skip Visits

If you have good dental habits, you might become complacent about them. You have gone your entire life with good oral health, great visits with your dentist, and you’ve never even had a cavity. When you find your schedule is overwhelmed and canceling your visit to the dentist is the best option, remember to reschedule it right away. According to Salinas Valley Dental Care, a dentistry in Salinas, CA, you can’t afford to miss even one appointment if you want to maintain good oral health. Every visit is important. This might be the visit in which your dentist discovers you have a cavity forming and she has the power to stop this from becoming worse. Skip this appointment and you might find the problem is much worse later.

Call If Something Is Wrong

So many people forget to call the dentist when they have a little pain. They assume they can just bring it up at their next appointment and that’s just fine. It’s not fine to wait. You could forget to mention it. You might wait too long and realize it’s a bigger problem. So many things can happen between now and when you visit. Call right away to help your dentist help you and your teeth.

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The dentist can help you with your oral health even when you don’t feel he or she is doing much but cleaning. Those cleanings are so important because they get rid of all the problems you can’t get rid of without professional help. Your smile is important, and it’s time to focus more on your oral health.