Survival Sleep 3 Strategies To Obtain Optimal Health When Working Shiftwork

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Second and third shift workers are of vital importance in the fast-moving world today. Without them, there would be no policemen on the street, nurses in the hospitals or bakers in restaurants to keep individuals safe and healthy all night long and to prepare for the business of the day ahead. There are numerous problems that come with working night shift, including sleeping issues, poor mood and slowed reaction times. Learn about three ways to improve health despite working one of these difficult yet important shifts.

Keep A Schedule

First, shift workers must stick with their schedules no matter how crazy they are. For example, those who work overnights and who do not get to go to bed until eight in the morning should continue with this habit even on nights when they are not working although this can be difficult to work into some family life. Because it can take up to two weeks for the body to adjust to a new sleep schedule, shift workers need to be easy on their bodies by keeping consistent sleeping schedules.

Create A Good Sleeping Environment

Those who try to sleep during the daytime may find that there is much to interfere with their rest. Daytime noises and bright lights can make them uncomfortable and keep them awake. Instead, individuals can invest in room-darkening shades to keep out the sunshine. Earplugs can eliminate outdoor noises, and a white noise machine can create pleasant background noise to help individuals drift off to sleep.

Choose Healthy Foods And Drinks

Shift workers in the public sector, such as policemen, may find that eating and drinking habits suffer as they struggle to cope with rapidly changing shift times and stressful jobs. According to the Sleep Foundation, these workers should find ways to keep their snacks and meals healthy and light and to limit caffeine from the middle to the end of a shift. Bringing one’s own food to work and eating several small meals throughout a shift can help.

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Crazy work schedules could apply to those working in a healthcare degree or a masters of public administration degree. While it can be difficult to learn new habits, it is vital to make lifestyle changes to stay healthy doing shift work. Getting one’s family on board with these changes can help significantly. Rather than experiencing decreased mental and physical capabilities, shift workers can experience rich and full lives just like their day-working colleagues do. Whether in the public or the private sector, each of these jobs is an integral part of society.