Recently I asked a few of my friends and relatives the following question, “If you have an elderly person or persons who need care, what will you choose, will you choose to put them in an institution that provides those services or will you use home care services to take care of them?” The majority of them told me that they would opt to take them into a facility that excels in providing the requisite services. They did not know or understand that the benefits of home care far outnumber the benefits of getting treated or cared for at a facility. I felt that I needed to outline the benefits for everyone and here they are:

First of all the elderly love to live in their own home. They fear new places where they need to be alone or with new acquaintances. The stress levels of the elderly can increase very much if they are compelled to stay at a facility. But if home health care can be provided then the elderly will stay in their own home, they will be in familiar surroundings and they will not have stress. This will surely help in getting better soon.

Many studies have been conducted to find out whether a person gets better faster at home or at a facility and it has been proved that home care helps people get better and be free of their medical conditions when they are at home.

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Most elderly people crave for family support. They do not like to lead solitary lives. They want to converse with their near and dear ones. Even if a nurse or a doctor at a medical facility makes them feel at home, they need their family the most. If you provide them home care, they will always be in touch with you and your family. The support of family even if it is just moral support is a huge motivation for them to want to live. Many elderly people lose interest in living when they feel that their family is neglecting them. Make them feel loved and they resolve to get better and hence it is beneficial to care for them at home.

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The risk of illnesses and contracting various other diseases is high in medical facilities or homes for the elderly. But when you provide home health care you can be sure that the elderly person will not contract any new illness.

Another benefit, which is a very major benefit, is the care that is received at home. At home the elderly get one on one treatment and care, the care giver will be fully focused on only one person and this will enable the person to get better soon.

A study has also found that elderly people live longer when they get care at home rather than at an impersonal facility. The personalised treatment, the emotional connect, the known surroundings, the moral support etc., all play a beneficial part in this. Absolute care and health should be the objective and this is only possible with home care.