If you have every felt like you have a balance problem, or you felt like you are dizzy for no reason then you might be suffering from a condition called vertigo. This condition is still not very well known but it affects millions of people around the world.

Not only will a person with vertigo feel out of balance but they’ll also feel symptoms like nausea and ringing sensations in their ears. Other symptoms of vertigo are vomiting and migraines.

Vertigo Causes

Doctors are still unsure what actually causes vertigo symptoms, but most experts believe it has something to do with the brain and inner ear. If your inner ear is out of balance with the brain you are highly likely to experience vertigo symptoms as a result.

If you have low blood pressure you are much more likely to experience vertigo symptoms as well, because low blood pressure usually means less blood going to the brain.

Another common cause of vertigo are ear infections that leads to the imbalance of the inner ear. Neck and head injuries can also cause vertigo symptoms.

The Best Home Remedies to Get Rid of Vertigo

home remedies for vertigo

Regardless of what is causing your vertigo symptoms there are remedies that can help improve your condition. Below you’ll find 4 of the best home remedies for vertigo…


According to Remedy My Vertigo: Water is a very effective natural treatment for vertigo because it helps return the inner ear to its natural balance. Simply drink a minimum of eight cups of water daily to help return your inner ear to its normal function and get rid of vertigo symptoms.


Ginger is a great natural cure for vertigo because it reduces blood pressure levels which in turn helps stop vertigo symptoms. To use ginger simply make a tea with it. Grab a raw ginger root and peel it. Boil the peeled ginger root in a cup of water and then strain it. Once you strain and cool it down a little drink the tea to stop your vertigo attacks.

If you don’t like the taste of ginger you could try taking ginger capsules instead. Ginger capsules work just as great and won’t leave that ginger taste in your mouth.


There are various vertigo exercises that can help stop symptoms of vertigo. One of these exercises involves rotating your head in a circular motion to stop the feeling of dizziness and nausea. There are also eye exercises that help you stop symptoms by focusing on a specific object.

These exercises are simple to perform but they are usually performed with the help of a physical therapist to make sure they’re done right. Vertigo exercises are definitely one of the best remedies for this condition, but they require a lot of commitment and patience to achieve the best results.


This shouldn’t be a surprise but eating the right type of foods helps stop vertigo symptoms like dizziness, nausea, and headaches. Simply eat a well balanced diet that doesn’t include a lot of fried foods. Eat a lot of green vegetables and fruits and you should experience less vertigo attacks.

These are the best remedies for vertigo and if you really stay committed to applying them you should experience less vertigo attacks as a result. Also, when you begin treating your vertigo symptoms naturally with these remedies you won’t have to worry about side effects like if you were to use medications prescribed for vertigo.

Give each one of these remedies a try and see which one works the best for you. Regardless of which remedy you try make sure you focus on your diet on a daily basis to prevent attacks and keep symptoms from taking over your life.