lose weightAnybody can do a cleanse or use of an extreme diet plan. But losing weight effectively and keeping it off for good will require you to stick to newer and healthier habits.

According to Lisa Lillien, founder of HungryGirl.com and author of the new book The Hungry Girl Diet, you will eventually gain all the lost weight back the minute you stop your extreme diets.

Top nutritionist and fitness experts believe that for you to lose weight quickly, safely and efficiently, you need to alter some lifestyle habits. Below are tips you can use to achieve the healthiest body possible.

Keep Drinking Water In Sight

Try to keep a pitcher of drinking water on your dining table at all times. Sometimes, people confuse their thirst with their hunger, especially when they are following a strict diet plan.

Before you head off to the kitchen, it is a good idea to spot a pitcher of water right away to remind you that what you are feeling is not hunger but thirst.

Never Enter the Kitchen For 12 Hours

According to Lauren Slayton, RD, author of The Little Book of Thin, you should close your kitchen from the time you finished your supper to the time before you eat your breakfast. This means if you finish your dinner at 7:00PM, you cannot eat anything else until 7:00AM the next day.

Question Yourself When You Reach For Food

Jennipher Walters, a certified personal trainer, co-founder of Fit Bottomed Girls LLC says always ask yourself these two questions before you eat. First, “Am I hungry?” and second, “What am I hungry for?”.

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Boredom and stress can usually make you reach for food even if you are not hungry. As much as possible, keep yourself occupied to refrain from mindless eating.

A good buffer it to wait at least 10 minutes to decide if you should really eat or not. This tip will surely have an impact on the speed of your weight loss progress.

Supersize Your Vegetables

Tosca Reno, author of The Eat-Clean Diet series says you need to enlarge your plate of vegetables. One of the mistakes he usually sees among his clients is eating too much of everything else and not enough greens.

Eat more vegetables and less processed foods. If you reduce your sugar intake, you will accelerate your weight loss.

Eat Healthy Appetizers

Walters recommends you to eat appetizers and choose them wisely. It is suggested to eat salads or soups as it fills you up and increases meal time. Doing so will prevent you from scarfing your food.

Track Your Food

Calorie counting can be stressful but it truly works wonders. Often times, people who workout in the morning tend to overcompensate and eat more calories than they burn. By jotting down what you eat, this disaster is less likely to happen.

Set Your Treats

Looking forward to something indulgent like a piece of dark chocolate or half a cup of low-sugar vanilla ice cream will help you turn down other temptations. Depriving yourself of these treats will only make you crave more. Just make sure that you do not go beyond your required daily calorie and sugar intake.

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Discard Trigger Foods

Every person has foods that they want to keep eating such as potato chips, pasta, cookies, bread or anything processed. If you want to effectively lose weight, discard these types of food so you do not have to munch on them when you feel the need to binge.

Switch Up Your Workout

One exercise routine alone can get boring. Instead of sticking to an elliptical rut, try to include some interval training or circuit training to your workout routine. Circuit training is a great cardio and strength exercise and they help burn fat and keep your metabolism fast.

Interval workout allows your body to perform short bursts of high-intensity exercises with less-strenuous recovery zones. This workout will challenge your fitness levels and keep your workout routine more exciting.