Squat Workout

It is one of the favourite, booty approved, time-tested and the best glute and quadriceps workout. If you want to slim down your thigh muscles, achieve lower body strength and build a perfect booty fast, then this fast and easy 30-day squat challenge is the best exercise routine for you.

Before you start your challenge, you need to understand first what benefits you will get from doing this exercise for a month. And for a beginner, you need to understand the “chair trick” in the squat exercise.

30-Days Squats Challenge

Squatting is beneficial only if it is done properly. If you do not want to injure your knee back and want positive benefits of squatting, then follow these tips:

  • Stand with feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Keep the focus of your eye on the wall in front of you in the whole time of your exercise. It prevents you falling forward and also helps you maintaining balance and keeps focused on doing the exercise mindfully without getting distracted.
  • As you bend your knees, while performing a squat make sure you keep your heels intact on the surface and keep in a line with the toes.
  • Make sure to reach at least 90 degrees at the bottom of your squat before making your knees straight and returning to the previous position.

For the beginner’s journey, do not fear of not having the perfect form. The best tip to understand squats is if you know how to sit down in a chair without using your hands and then stand up, then you know how to squat. It is that simple.

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Running out of time

Sometimes due to tightly scheduled routine, we don’t get enough time to do exercises and a day’s exercise is neglected. Likewise, if we continue to neglect our exercising routine then no matter what you do you will never achieve your fitness goals if you do not complete the fitness challenge.

You can do your exercise anywhere anytime. The time and place are never specific if you are determined to get your goals.

Completing a fitness challenge can get easy and fun if you involve your best friends in it with you. It can improve your lifestyle and bring positivity in you.

How to tone your gluteus muscles and get a perfect booty from squat exercising?

The most effective result from squatting is you get toned, sculpted, and perfect shaped booty. But with shaping your booty, it also helps to strengthen the quadriceps, hamstrings, and calf muscles. It burns fat of the entire body while you exercise that is visible when you sweat a lot.

It has got numerous health benefits like;

  • Squatting regularly increases the blood flow and circulates more oxygen to your joints.
  • It is good for digestion as the muscular action of the squat exercise increases the flow of fluids in the body and makes it easier to remove the waste from the body.
  • Squats do not have a bad impact on your back. As the other means of workouts can put a strain on your back.
  • You walk more confident, chinned up as a beauty queen. As it corrects your posture and builds a better balancing. It will make you sit; walk and stand straight with elegance just like a beauty queen!
  • Squats help your knee supple and strong by improving flexibility. The stretching and bending of your knees will strengthen the knee muscles and allow blood and oxygen to flow around the joints.
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