It is indeed a tough job to select interesting essay topics for writing. The idea behind selection of a topic is to cherry pick something you know properly and you will enjoy researching and writing on it. It is easier to write on common topics because you can acquire some wonderful idea to present your research on these topics, new and creative topics are unique way to express your inimitable writing style and ability of presentation. Academic writers of assignment baron can cover essay on any topic.

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There is actually nothing like “top interesting topics” because it is the ability and writing potential of a writer that makes a topic interesting and fascinating. Here, you can find ten creative topics that may help you in crafting an essay with great scope of research.

The character you are especially fond of from your favorite fiction. Why it is your favorite?

The topic offers enough scope of personal research and adequate depth for showing your arguments. You can search references from your research on critical assessment about the character.

How much do you love your college? What is the most fascinating issue about your college and why?

It is a creative topic but it is a typically accepted and well worked essay topic. There is vast scope of adding personal point of view in this top while writing an essay on it.

Is fashion imperative?

This is a good essay topic as there is enough scope of displaying personal writing style, inclusion of arguments and supportive documents. This is a controversial topic and there is plenty of research scope to elucidate the point.

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Students should be allowed to rate their teachers.

This is a topic that demands exceptional writing stamina, ability to analysis a social issue, and ability to extract a conclusion that provokes positive thought in the readers.
Should the voting age be reduced to fifteen?

It is a socio-political issue and an excellent topic for writing a critical essay. There are plenty of arguments that can be placed here, as well as there are lots of supportive evidences that can be placed to keep the light on this controversial topic.

Is global warming presently an overstatement?

The topic has vast area of research and analysis. There are wide scope and depth of doing analysis on the topic, which a writer can present in creative descriptive style.
What is the impact of the internet on the social interacting skills of children?

This topic offers enough scope for research and analysis. There is plenty of scope to add personal view point here.

Is feminism threatening to the society?

It is a controversial topic and it needs detail analysis of feminism and its positive implications on growth of womanhood.

Advertisement: should some ads be banned in the interest of annoyance, health or morality.

It is a creative critical essay topic and it has excellent scope of research and incorporation of personal view point in its presentation.

Kids are more responsible than adults – elucidate.

This essay topic can be assigned for undergraduate group of students to post graduate level. The topic needs research skill and presentation power for making a critical evaluation of it.

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These are 10 interesting essay topics. However, the writing skill and ability of research plays a vital role in making a research topic extremely interesting to read.