Months of hard work in the gym can go down the drain as you make one wrong move and succumb to the temptation of the mozzarella cheese sticks. Ask the health experts and they shall readily refer you towards dieting which has been used for years to shed those unwanted pounds. But with various forms of diet available at our fingertips courtesy google, it becomes tough to take the final pick. And even after we have chosen on the diet we wish to follow, sub-variations in the same is enough to drive us nuts. Keeping such things in mind we have drafted our today’s article where we shall discuss about the various supplements and diet shakes which can readily be teamed up with the ketogenic diet to benefit from significant results in just a matter of months. But it’s imperative to seek out your dietician’s advice before starting out with the ones below.

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·      BPI Sports ISO-HD

This relatively new company in the field of health supplements has already started garnering strong customer support with its affordable and keto-friendly product line. Every 33 gram ISO-HD serving includes virtually no lactose and just 3 grams of carbohydrates. Muscle growth gets activated helping you recover faster post workout with its highly concentrated BCAA ingredient. Available in a wide array of flavours which includes the likes of chocolate brownie, banana cream pie, peanut butter candy bar etc. this keto-friendly supplement brings along the best of both worlds in terms of sumptuous taste and excellent health benefits.

  • Isopure Zero Carb
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Isopure has evolved into one of the best selling supplements earmarked for weight loss. Packed with essential nutrients, once you start consuming this powder, you can bid adieu to worry about carb intake. Unlike other products, the Isopure Zero Carb dissolves perfectly in water and is made by following the complete microfiltration process. Comprising about 100% whey protein isolate powder, this nutritional master blaster can help you undertake the gym workout sessions like an absolute pro. You can easily browse the web to enlighten yourself about the isopure protein powder review before proceeding with your purchase.

  • Platinum Hydro Whey

A market leader in the segment of quality-protein supplements, Optimum Nutrition the maker of Platinum Hydro Whey has already carved out a niche for itself amongst health enthusiasts. Hydro whey aids our body in absorbing the nutrients by cutting down on digestive distress. Lower in fat and sugar free isolates are devoid of cholesterol, making it all the more lucrative for the health freaks. This product has also been accredited for reducing body fat, increasing muscle mass and enhancing muscle strength with its specialized natural formula. This instant mix available in strawberry, chocolate, cookies & cream, vanilla and Chocolate peanut butter flavors can be enjoyed before, after or during the workout session.

3 Although these supplements help us by making the weight-loss drill easier it is always advisable to proceed with the balanced diet option as that is rich in natural ingredients and includes a large variety of whole foods. But in our fast-paced life when we rarely have time to make a proper salad for breakfast, and end up grabbing a hot dog from the roadside stall, diet shakes and powders suffice as the next best alternative to fill in our nutrition meter.

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