Get a little more time back for yourself by making the most of your beauty routine. Each day, little tasks fill up your schedule, leaving you with a lot less “me time.” But, you can get a little bit of that time back by hacking your beauty routine. Check out these awesome beauty tips that take less than 15 minutes.

1. Let your moisturizer soak in while you get ready

After you wash your face, applying moisturizer prepares your skin for foundation and concealer. Also, it helps prevent wrinkles over time. Apply your moisturizer then, let it soak in. You can drink your coffee, set out your clothes or pack your purse. Then, begin your regular makeup routine. You’ll find that your makeup applies better and your skin looks refreshed.

2. Get a great headband
On the days when you don’t have time or energy to fix your hair, a headband rescues your roots. It can accent a braid or bun while hiding any oils or product buildup. Instead of feeling bad about your hair, you’ll be excited to slip on the spunky accessory.

3. Learn how to french braid your hair
Watch a tutorial and add this technique to your hair routine. It will save you time on busy mornings. Also, a french braid works well for active times, like slipping in a yoga session on your lunch break. Once you practice, you can easily braid your own hair, saving you time on busy days.

4. Tame flyaways with a new toothbrush and hairspray
Some days, your normal hairstyle just won’t cooperate. If you notice flyways or frizz, tame them easily with this trick. Just spray a new toothbrush with hairspray. Then, softly brush the flyaways into your hair. This should help them stick to the longer hairs, creating a smoother look.

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5. Scrub your teeth with baking soda to whiten them
Before you brush your teeth, scrub them quickly with baking soda. Just dip your damp brush into a container of baking soda. Then, scrub your teeth. Finish by brushing your teeth normally with toothpaste. For darker stains, you may need to do this for several days. However, your teeth with lightening over time.

6. Store your eye cream in the fridge
Sometimes, your busy schedule leaves you lacking sleep. Store your eye cream in the fridge to wake up your eyes in the morning. The chilled lotion will feel good and help reduce puffiness.

7. Put lotion then socks on your feet before bed
If you don’t have time to go to the spa, soften your feet while you sleep. Before you go to bed, put thick lotion on your feet. Then, cover your feet with socks. You’ll find that the lotion soaks in overnight. Your feet will be softer and smoother without any extra work.

8. Use a business card for a perfect mascara line
When you apply your mascara, hold an old business card above your eye. You should place it between your lashes and eyelid. The card acts as a barrier between the brush and your lid. You’ll be able to get closer to the bottom of your lashes. Also, you won’t smudge the mascara on your eyelid.

9. Use a cotton swab with concealer to quickly clean up eyeliner mistakes
Whether you like a bold cat-eye or a soft smudge line, it’s easy to mess up your eyeliner. Instead of wiping it off, fix the mistakes with concealer. This trick fixes the line enough for you to apply eyeshadow over it.

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10. Replace your usual red lipstick with a trendier, bold shade
Get a new twist on this classic bold lip trick. Typically, makeup gurus recommend a red lipstick to brighten your makeup on a busy day. This season, swap out that red for a different bold shade. Bright oranges, purples, and pinks are available for all skin tones. They feel fresh and are less likely to stain if you make a mistake.

You work hard every day so, take a little of your time back. Each of the tips above can trim minutes off of your beauty routine. Then, you can use the extra time however you please.

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