Traumatic Accidents 3 Ways Car Crashes Can Affect Your Mental Health

Physical injuries from car accidents are just the beginning of the long-lasting effects of the crash. These accidents can also cause serious mental health issues, even when the physical injuries aren’t serious. If the mental aftershock of your accident is interfering with your daily life, it may be time to seek professional help to recover. Here are three ways car crashes can affect your mental health, and what to do about them.



Some people experience a loss of interest in things that were once important to them, such as their job or family. This is a common symptom of depression and it can have an impact on your life and your loved ones. The stress of the accident, arising financial complications, and any previous history of depression can exacerbate the issue.


Post-Traumatic Stress

You may begin to experience intrusive thoughts about the accident, fear to travel again, or develop insomnia and an inability to concentrate. Flashbacks and other triggers are indicative of post-traumatic stress, and symptoms can get worse over time if not treated. You may fall into obsession about the accident, blaming yourself or being angry at the other driver. If there was a fatality in the accident, which is common in side-impact collisions, these symptoms will be that much more difficult to deal with. Side-impact collisions are especially dangerous because car designers have not reinforced side-impact safety as they have front-impact safety. If you have been involved in a side-impact collision, you may want to speak with a side-impact collision lawyer to help you with the financial side of your recovery. This way you have a little less stress as you try to get a handle on your overall recovery.

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If the accident was stressful, the aftereffects will be devastating. If there were serious injuries, you may be facing expensive hospital bills. You’ll have to deal with your insurance company. You may have to find a new vehicle. You may have lost time from work or other obligations. All of these situations will cause stress and anxiety.


What to Do about It

Talk to a doctor or therapist about your emotional injuries. Just as it takes time to heal physical wounds, emotional injuries must be treated if you expect to make a full recovery. If your emotional injuries have caused interference in your life, it may be time to talk to an attorney about compensation. Always talk to an attorney with particular expertise with your situation. If you’re recovering from a side-impact collision, hire an attorney who understands the dangers of these types of collisions and how the investigation process works.


Car crashes are serious events with serious consequences. As time goes on, with proper care and professional help, your emotional injuries will heal.