Trouble Breathing Through Your Nose 4 Causes and Remedies

If you have trouble breathing through your nose, it’s important to investigate the exact cause so that you can implement the proper solution. Some causes of obstructed breathing are easy to address on your own while others should be treated by a doctor. Here are some of the main reasons why you might be having trouble breathing through your nose and what you can do about it.


Seasonal allergies or adverse reactions to other types of allergens can cause nasal congestion when excessive amounts of mucus buildup in your nose and sinuses. Swelling inside your nasal passage that’s caused by allergies can also lead to problems breathing through your nose. Many over-the-counter medicines are formulated to treat symptoms that are related to allergies and help you breathe easier. If your allergies are particularly severe, you should consider going to a doctor to receive allergy shots or prescription medications.


An infection anywhere in your nasal or sinus cavities could cause swelling and mucus buildups that cause problems with breathing through the nose. A sinus infection caused by bacteria is one of the main culprits of obstructed breathing and can usually be treated with antibiotics. A nasal infection can also lead to swelling of the lymphoid tissues known as the adenoids, which are located at the back of your nose and can often be treated with antibiotics or other medications.

Misaligned Upper Jaw

It’s not always easy to tell if your upper jaw is misaligned, but there are a few clues that you should be aware of that might indicate this problem. If you have trouble breathing through your nose even when it’s clear, this could be a sign of a misaligned upper jaw. Breathing problems could be further exacerbated when trying to sleep with a misaligned upper jaw. You may also notice that your tongue seems out of place, and this is often the result of a misaligned upper jaw that shifts the tongue to partially block the airway. Seeing a specialist who’s experienced in treating a misaligned jaw will likely be your best solution. Often they will prescribe something like a sleep retainer that will gently realign your mouth over time.

Nasal Structural Abnormalities

If there are structural abnormalities inside your nasal passage that are the result of an injury or didn’t naturally form correctly, you may experience trouble breathing through your nose regularly. Having a deviated septum or excess nasal tissue can constrict nasal passages and reduce the amount of air that flows through them. Structures of your nose may also be misaligned because of a traumatic facial injury. Other abnormalities that can cause breathing problems include an enlarged turbinate and nasal polyps.

Knowing the specific reason why you’re having trouble breathing through your nose will enable you to find a faster solution. Many of the best solutions can be implemented quickly and give you fast relief.