Relationships can be such a delightful part of life’s various experiences. After all, spending and sharing parts of your life with someone you can call a partner can be a fulfilling experience. Unfortunately, everyone possesses imperfections alongside beautiful qualities, and as such can cause relationship problems. If left unresolved, these problems can have drastic effects on your lives, especially your mental health.

asaInterestingly, if relationship problems do get to the point of thinking you and your partner have to break up, it appears even the world thinks these things can be resolved. Some studies indicate that 23-percent and 37-percent of married couples and couples living together, respectively, have broken up and then decided to be back together after a certain span of time. Even 40-percent and 10-17-percent of separated married couples and married couples that got separated, respectively, have tried to reconcile. This means relationship problems do seem to be solvable given the right kind of effort, and here’s how it can affect you mentally otherwise:


  • Are you always second-guessing your thoughts and feelings? It’s perhaps considered a natural instinct for a lot of people to second-guess what they feel or what they think. However, if this has become a routine in a relationship, this is certainly a cause of alarm. If you’re starting to feel as though your mental and emotional state have to be reevaluated all the time, then there might be a problem in the relationship. This is especially if the person you’re with is going out of their way to make you second-guess your own instincts. This can be a sign of manipulative behavior, and that you might need assistance. Perhaps what can make this more alarming is that neither you nor your partner might not have any idea either of you are experiencing this.
  • Are you always making excuses about the way they behave? If you’ve started to develop ways of making excuses for the actions of your partner, that might need to stop as it presents a bad precedence. This is because there’s a few inherent problems of always making excuses for people you care for. First of all, it enables the partner to continue doing this kind of behavior without fearing any consequences. Secondly, making excuses for your partner’s behavior will harm another relationship, that of yours and the person you’re making excuses to. You also need to be careful with the kinds of excuses you make, as sometimes these delaying tactics is a sign of a problem you may not want to recognize. Click here for a service that can help you deal with these concerns.
  • sssAre you always feeling as though you don’t have the right to act, feel, or think a certain way? Unfortunately, if it has come to a point that making excuses isn’t working, sometimes the tendency is for you to deny yourself the right to act, and feel the way you want. Sometimes, you might think you’re benefiting from sacrificing how you feel or think in lieu of someone else. This often happens in relationships, especially those with children. However, being afraid to “stir the pot” or do something “for the sake of the children” can only go so far, as sometimes if a particular situation is really hurting you, something has to be done about it.
  • Are you always being bugged by unsettled anxiety, fear, or anger? If you’ve spent a considerable amount of time with your partner and somehow something happened to strain your relationship, then that even will likely be something unsettled. If your relationship has had moments of mental unhealthiness, then there might be a sense of negative emotions that can be amplified whenever you encounter your partner in a certain way. Couples counselling can help you manage these emotions better by making sure the intensity and frequency of these feelings are properly elaborate, explained, and dealt with. This ensures you’ll get the full picture of your particular set of feelings towards your partner.
  • Are you always feeling the need to constantly try to “fix” your relationship? Relationships have always been two-way streets, especially if you consider the fact that you and your partner have to be the ones making sure your love for one another is strong enough to hold everything together. If any one of you aren’t willing to exert the same amount of effort needed to sustain your relationship, then something might be wrong. This is especially if the other party only seems to “change” for a short period, or if they don’t want to make any particular change at all. You can’t force friendships, dating, and marriage – and this goes the same with other relationships. If you feel as though you have to force yourself into the relationship, you may be in need of reevaluation.
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The Takeaway: The Dangers of Relationship Problems


When relationship problems start to plague you and your partner’s lives, these don’t necessarily just affect the way you two live out your partnership. Unfortunately, these relationship problems can sometimes take a toll on your mental health, and these effects shouldn’t be ignored. If you feel as though these relationship problems are becoming too much to bear, the points above could at least help convince you to seek solutions to your woes.



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