When it comes to oral health, people visit the dentist with different dental issues. It could be the color of your teeth, the size or even the shape of your teeth that is bothering you. It could be missing teeth, bad odor, or bleeding and swollen gums. And because our teeth and dental structure may affect your self-esteem and confidence, a visit to the dental clinic once in a while is good for you.

dental bridges

The truth is, hundreds of thousands of people across the world have dental issues. But out of all the dental issues that the dentists have to deal with everyday, the most common are missing teeth, discolored teeth, crooked teeth and cracked teeth. If you happen to be one of these people, this post contains the ultimate solution to your problems. So, keep reading, acquire more info and use this information to find a dentist who is skilled and qualified enough to restore your smile, your confidence and above all your oral health.


First, it is quite evident that there are different cosmetic dentistry procedures that dentists can recommend depending on your dental issues. However, this post focuses more on the most commonly sought after procedures for replacing missing teeth and filling gaps between your teeth; dental bridges. Dental bridges are permanent or removable dentures that your dentist will use to replace your missing teeth giving you a more natural look and feel.So, whether you have one or more teeth missing, dental bridges will give you natural looking teeth, a beautiful smile and confidence that you might have lost during your dilemma.

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3 common types of dental bridges

  • Traditional bridges – This type of bridges are normally made up of porcelain or ceramic fused to metal. Traditional bridges are the most popular dental bridges across the world. However, before your dentist can recommend traditional bridges, he or she must find supporting teeth (abutment) that will receive your new teeth and hold them in place.


  • Cantilever bridges –This type of procedure is mostly recommended for areas that do not get much pressure during chewing; preferably the front area of your mouth.They might be similar to the traditional bridges but cantilever bridges can be attached with the abutment only present on one side of the missing tooth.


  • Resin-bonded bridges – This type of bridges will be the perfect solution for replacing loss of front teeth. What happens is your new (or artificial) teeth are first joined with metal bands before they can be fixed to your real teeth with resin cement. However, these types of bridges are not as strong as traditional bridges.

With that said, if you are missing one or more teeth, it is time to visit your dentist and have that problem fixed fast. As a matter of fact, taking too long to have your missing teeth replaced may make your real teeth strain or even shift from their positions, which might can you more problems in future.