Everybody is talking about health and different health supplements that we can find on the market these days.

By scrolling through various social media or just simply searching around the web in no time you will see different health supplements promising miracles. We are sure that each one of us had this kind of experience.

It is important to understand that we need to consult health experts before taking supplements because taking supplements just “because it’s trendy” in some cases can be very unsafe for our health. Lately, the biggest trends around are; maca and turmeric pills, CBD oil, goji berries, kale powder and so on.


People from different age groups and people with various health issues should be really careful when taking random supplements. We believe that there is no health expert who will not tell you how proper food is the most important thing for our well-being. We are what we eat; therefore we should be focused on whole grain and fiber-rich food.

Food has vitamins in the most natural, therefore choose to eat healthy first. When eating clean, you will acquire your nutrients from whole foods. This is what you should have in mind always and after together with supplements as consulted.

Having a fresh fruit or a juice with all its nutrients, antioxidants,   can never be just replaced by popping vitamins from the store.

When you realize that a balanced diet is a key, you will see how things are changing in your favor.  If there is a deficiency of vitamins and supplements in our body, then we can go on and search for the appropriate vitamin and mineral supplementation.


There comes a certain time in life, when food alone can’t be enough for our bodies to function, especially for pregnant women and the elderly. In this case, supplementation becomes essential to a certain person, it becomes an integral part of their nutrition.

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When a woman is trying to conceive or a woman is pregnant, folic acid can be helpful, it is shown to lower the risk of neural tube defects.

A special group of people that can be affected by vitamin and mineral deficiency are vegans, vegetarians, fruitarians and many others. People tend to become vegans not out o respect towards animals, rather due to a health trend. Therefore, before becoming vegan it is really important to do a health checkup (your blood test).

All these strict vegan diets can result in iron and vitamin B12 deficiencies, these are found almost exclusively in animal products.

People with an allergy or intolerance, people who do not receive enough sunlight, people recently treated with antibiotics, can benefit from probiotic supplements restoring gut health after a round of antibiotic treatment.

Five natural recommendable health supplements


  1. Fish oil

Fish oil is one of the fundamental nutrients for our body, Omega 3 fats are really important in preventing and managing heart disease. These nutrients can be found biologically in fish, for example, salmon.

It’s been proven that we need Omega 3 fats and there is pretty concrete evidence for this. We need it for a healthy heart and brain, and they act as anti-inflammatory substances in our bodies. Moreover, we cannot create these in our bodies so it is fundamental that we obtain them through our diet or supplementation.

Oils like flaxseed oil, walnuts, and chia seeds are other decent bases of omega 3s.


  1. Probiotics

The definition of probiotics is that they represent a ‘good’ bacteria, that circles our guts and supports our body’s capacity to absorb nutrients and combat infection.

There are many scientific confirmations, which show that the health of our gut directly affects our immune system.

Probiotics will benefit your gut health and therefore your immune system; no matter if you take it as a capsule, drink or powder, the choice is yours.

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The chewable probiotic gummies are a dietary supplement that promotes digestive health, helps with weight loss, boosts immunity and helps prevent colds.

When taking a course of antibiotics, supplementing with probiotics will also be favorable to your gut. Some types of probiotics help immunity, others digestion, and some even help to normalize weight and balance hormones.

  1. Vitamin D

We need Vitamin D to keep our strong bones, muscular and overall health.

As humans with our biology, we have different micronutrients essential for our survival.  Vitamin D is one of these elements. Because of the increasing rates of vitamin D deficiency and the effects, supplementation is welcome if optimum levels are not present in the body.

During the summer months by just basking in the sun for 20 minutes, you can get enough of vitamin D. Yet, throughout winter, if you tend to spend a lot of time indoors, some of us may benefit from a vitamin D supplement.

  1. Protein

Like we said earlier, most people can gain sufficient protein through their diet (it’s found in both plant-based foods and meat), this group of people can benefit from protein supplementation.

Some people due to their allergies and intolerance can take protein, in that case, plant-based proteins are still highly effective.

  1. Magnesium

Magnesium is an essential nutrient, which plays a role in hundreds of enzymatic bodily reactions, including metabolizing food, synthesis of fatty acids and proteins, and transmission of nerve impulses.  It is recommended to take magnesium before sleep.

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