It happens even to the most experienced of gym goers: a muscle snaps, or gets strained. In most cases, there is no need for any medical assistance; however, there are cases where an injury has to be treated immediately in order for it to heal properly. There are some injuries which tend to happen inside the gym, and listed below are some of the most common gym injuries which have to be tended to by a medical professional right away, in order to avoid further complications.


Dislocated shoulder

Among the most common injuries, a dislocated shoulder can happen to anyone. Basically, this injury can happen if you fall onto your outstretched arm, twisting the shoulder. However, it can also occur if something heavy falls on your arm. Sudden pain and severe oscillations are the main reasons why this injury requires immediate medical attention. Also, if left untreated for several days, the shoulder tissue will start growing back and the longer you wait, the higher the chances that once you do visit a doctor, he will have to break your shoulder again in order to fix it. So do not wait, if your shoulder hurts and there is bruising and swelling around it, go to the hospital straight away.

Fracture of any kind

With fractures it is the same; each and every one of them requires immediate medical attention. Inside the gym, fractures can happen to almost any part of your body – a broken finger or any bone within your palm, broken wrist or ankle, broken leg, knee, etc. All of these injuries can happen if you overextend or simply use the gym apparatus in a wrong way. Fractures are usually followed by swelling and an enormous pain, but if you want to be 100% sure that it is a fracture, pour cold water over the area that you suspect is broken and if the pain is intolerable, you definitely need to visit a doctor. Fractures take a longer time to heal, so it is always advised to be cautious when working out in the gym, especially if you are alone and are doing weights. Visit one of your local hospitals which provide 24 hour emergency care for immediate attention.

Pectoral injury

Another common injury while working out in the gym is a pectoral injury. It is a tear of the chest muscle or of its tendon off the upper arm. This injury most often happens while losing control of a dumbbell or barbell while bench pressing. Also, while performing dumbbell flies with a weight that is heavier than you are used to lifting, you might end up with the same injury. The feeling is described as a tearing sensation, followed by a change in color in your chest and arm, turning into either blue or black. These injuries may in some cases be treated at home, but nevertheless, visit your physician to ensure the injury heals properly. If left untreated, this might lead to your infinite inability to work out in the gym.

Joint dislocations

If you are among those who love to show off while working out in the gym, you are most likely prone to getting injured. One of the most common injuries happening in this way is related to lifting more weight than you can lift or are not accustomed to. Usually, what follows is a joint dislocation in your hand, shoulder, elbow or knee. The reason is the excessive pressure on the ligaments, which pushes the bone out of its normal position. The results is a dislocation which needs immediate medical attention.

While working out, many things can go wrong. Learning how to control your body and knowing your limits might save you from going to the ER. Do not overextend, and always find out how to properly do an exercise before performing it, especially when there is extra weight involved. Also look into getting back into action after an injury, and don’t let anything slow you down.