Any issue with the eyes can make life miserable. Glaucoma is one such eye disease that can not be cured completely and if not treated timely can result in irreversible blindness. Unfortunately, glaucoma is quite common.

If you or any of your family members are suffering from glaucoma, they might find it hard to carry out normal activities every day. Fortunately, glaucoma can be controlled if detected early by changing lifestyle. Here are some helpful tips for people suffering from glaucoma through which they can make their life a bit easier.

  1. Stay Consistent With Medication

Glaucoma patients are given a couple of eyedrops that they have to use a few times a day. These eyedrops are quite crucial to stopping glaucoma from proceeding any further. Therefore, you should be very consistent with your medication.

Set alarms and reminders on your devices such as your mobile phone or smartwatch so that you can take medicines on time. If you skip any of the eye drops, it may be harmful to your eye.

  1. Be Careful About Exercise

You should adopt a healthy lifestyle if you want to maintain glaucoma and stop it from spreading any further. A healthy lifestyle includes adequate physical activity. If you are physically active and you maintain your blood pressure, then you can maintain good health for your eyes as well.

Howard, be very careful about certain exercises and yoga postures. You might want to avoid postures that involve your head being lower than your heart and lifting heavy weights. Both of these activities can increase blood pressure in the eyes, which is the leading cause of glaucoma. Consult your doctor before choosing exercises.

  1. Special Care While Reading

Glaucoma should not stop you from reading and using digital devices. However, Reading and using mobile phones or tablets can trigger glaucoma anyway. Therefore, with proper care, you can avoid the harmful effects of Reading and digital devices.

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Use your recommended eyeglasses or use protective blue light glasses that can protect your eyes from strain. Use magnifying glass while reading textbooks. You can also switch to audiobooks to restrict the use of your eyes while reading. When using digital devices, you can set brightness and font size at customized settings to avoid pressuring your eyes.

  1. Stay In Touch With Doctors

Once you are diagnosed with glaucoma, you should not stop visiting your ophthalmologist. You should regularly consult a glaucoma specialist to make sure that your eyes are working fine and glaucoma has stopped in its place.

Your eye doctor will check your eyes and make changes in the medication if required. Visiting factor is also important because you can discuss your latest issues related to the eyes and get professional advice. Your doctor will also recommend you healthy habits and ways you can control the spread of glaucoma.

Final Words

Glaucoma is an eye disease that can not be cured completely. However, if people suffering from glaucoma adopt healthy habits, they can live a better life with glaucoma.