With 2022 approaching, people are likely thinking about looking and feeling their best. A focus on health has been imperative during the pandemic. With people emerging again there is likely to be a focus on your look and appear as healthy as possible.


The truth is that a person that had skin that glows will make a better first impression. Studies have shown that people that take care of their looks do make better first impressions. In jobs like that of sales, first impressions can mean everything. Even if you are meeting virtually, this still matters as seeing a person’s face is important. Reading body language will be more difficult but reading facial expressions could be easier.

Finding The Right Medical Aesthetics Doctor

Finding the right facility that offers medical aesthetics and wellness procedures should not be tough. Finding one that you truly love might take some trial and error. Sifting through the true experts and finding affordable yet effective treatments is imperative. Orange County, California has a number of facilities but trusting a doctor like Dr. Judy Bourget can be easy. Years of experience combined with offering the newest treatments is the perfect combination. Patients are more informed than ever with online information at their fingertips.

Treatments For Your Skin

There always seems to be a new product that can make your skin healthier than ever. Trust only products that your doctor endorses is essential. The last thing you want to do is put products on your skin that do more harm than good. Asking for skin health tips can also be wise as a doctor might reveal their daily routine.

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Looking into the different treatments that can be done is important. There might be some that align with your aesthetic goals more than others. Following the doctor’s advice is imperative as they are the expert in the field.


You are likely going to want to try a few skin treatments like that of a chemical peel or Hydrafacial. These should be done before you try injectables as they can be very effective. Injectables can have an immediate impact on your look for the better. There is no recovery time and the procedure is not painful in comparison to something like plastic surgery.

Analyzing Your Current Body Composition

Most people do not know exactly how much body fat they have. Some might have an idea but getting an exact figure can be important. You can set a goal for a healthy amount of fat which differs whether you are male or female. Adding muscle is not always shown on the scale as it can be with a body fat analysis. You can change an exercise routine and seek nutritional planning as well.

Getting Rid Of Those Pesky Hairs

There are problem areas for nearly everyone with unwanted hair. The area can be tough to reach if you want to shave it so you might opt to have them permanently removed. Laser hair removal has been around for quite some time and technology has made it less invasive than ever. Eliminating the need to worry about shaving regularly provides convenience at an affordable rate. Getting rid of the irritation of shaving is also important as some areas can be difficult to moisturize after trimming.

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Body Contouring

Most people have heard of body contouring but many do not know what it means. The procedure is to get rid of fat cells in the body in problem areas. Using acoustic wave therapy can be a way to cause the cell death of fat cells. The procedure is less invasive than traditional liposuction which was one of the few options to get rid of fat. The laser that is used will help cut down on recovery time which is very convenient.

Tattoo Removal

There are individuals that never regret the tattoos that they have. Others might want to remove tattoos for one reason or another. Removal is not going to be a pleasant experience but it is necessary in some cases. A laser is used to remove the ink from the skin and even celebrities like Pete Davidson has had a number of his previous 98 tattoos removed.


Taking control of your look will take hard work and some professional help. Finding the right medical professional to help you is important. You want an individual or practice that understands what you truly want in terms of your look. Finding a practice that you trust provides that peace of mind that all procedures will be done in an expert fashion.