Theta Healing:

This meditation technique was developed in 1995 by Vianna Stibal through her journey to well-being.

This technique  contrasts in that it mixes science and the most profound sense of being, utilizing reflection and supplication to alter beliefs that hold you back. Professionals and teachers of the technique  are found all over the globe claim it educates individuals to through changing their brain wave to the theta waves “A reflection preparing method utilizing an otherworldly reasoning for advancement and evolvement of intellect, body and spirit.”

Theta Healing Technique:

One of the most rapidly growing energy healing techniques, Theta Healing is a technique of self-examination that we believe organizes psychological, physical, and spiritual healing practicing the theta brain wave. While in a perfect theta state of mind, we are capable to relate to the Creator of All That Is over a focused prayer.

There are steps in sessions that are given below:

  1. Firstly, get the client
  2. Command quietly God takes charge of the session.
  3. Discovers what the client needs.
  4. Burrows to find their foot convictions (the most critical one that props up the unwanted conditions)
  5. Energy tests to confirm this is their belief. Test on four levels (if not the bottom belief, continue digging)
  6. Ask permission to change it (activates the process within the client)
  7. Access Theta state, go to 7th plane (God)
  8. Command God that the belief be changed, if necessary, at the four levels (witnessing makes manifest)
  9. If the belief has changed, the work may be done if it has not, continue digging.

The founder of Theta Healing Vianna Stibal believes that there are Seven planes of Existence. They are the seen and concealed strengths of the cosmo that characterize diverse dimensions  of the universe and beyond  it. They are so tremendous that the human mind  must be in a unique state to comprehend them. The theta state of mind empowers us to see these mystifying powers in all their grandness through the Creator of All That Is.

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Each of the planes has its specific energy, which is best depicted as a vibration. The frequency of vibration is what makes the planes distinctive from one another. The higher the frequency of  vibration, the faster the atoms  move. These vibrations are the basis of life in all its manifestations.

Theta Healing Meditation Training:

This work also enables the release of the conscious patterns as well as beliefs that were previously unconscious and have been hindering the development as well as achievement of individual goals and are of no positive use anymore.


Theta Therapy

The reason for this instruction is to bring your brain in a profound state known as theta and through it, to resume the connection with the Creator, which will further allow  you to remember  how to ease mental, physical.

Theta healing is an astounding meditation technique that instructs us how to go into a theta state, allows us to strengthen our body to become a center of our considerations, and we discover restricting convictions that can prevent us from accomplishing our goals. Utilizing Theta Healing technique, we can  change  the world through  love and compassion . We all can have distinctive inspiration for learning something like theta healing. A few individuals looking for information, a few are simply inquisitive, and others have less favorable thought processes. But the lion’s share of individuals who learn the Theta Healing technique  are people with pure  hearts  and looking to extend capacities that are lying dormant. Typically, what Theta Healing is outlined to do, teach individuals how to use  their psychic abilities  through theta state of mind. The Planes of Existence  offers us the concept for understanding how creation works on the physical and spiritual  levels and how it relates to us all. It is important  to understand  the concept of Planes of Existence since it is the central  philosophical component to the idea  of Theta Healing modality.

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How does Theta Healing heal?

Concurring to theta Speculative chemistry, by learning more about the preferences offered, you’ll easily determine if ThetaHealing is the proper alternative for you. Theta Healing is technique conducted while the client and practitioner are in a theta brainwave state – an altered consciousness where brainwaves are slowed to a relaxed mode.

You’re working with advanced science and quantum physics and the movement of energy, atoms and physical particles in order to allow the body the conditions it needs to heal.

Theta Healing may be beneficial for you; you may get offered assistance in ways you never thought of. What is awesome about it? This technique gives you tools to create your life in the way you want  it to be.