Photogenic face

So, alright, let’s just think for a moment that your overall beauty regimen has been working. Your once blemished face has now cleared up. You’ve managed to cut down your waist line from 32 to just 28 inches. Plus, you have just recently discovered a better way to make up for your skin blemishes. Congratulations! Now, what else are you missing?

Too often, women forget the importance a flattering hairstyle plays to make them look younger, smarter, and yes, even thinner!

Can you really lose several pounds just by getting a new hairstyle

Quite literally, yes, most especially so if you are getting a very long hair cut much shorter, have a kinky hair straightened out or have your curls softened. If you’ve done a major hair change before, you’ll understand exactly what’s being described here because you literally will be able to feel your head lighten up from the overbearing weight of your crown.

Specific hair styling techniques will fit certain people based on several factors that include face shape, hair tint, even height and skin color. Then, there are also those that are so clean, so chic, and incredibly sleek and sexy that will certainly suit any race, color and personal preference.

Below are five of the most trend-proof, classic hair styles that never go out of season. Mostly, it’s just your mood that dictates when and exactly how you want to wear them. Here’s the top 5 list:

Style #5: Straight cut with low back. Let your hair fall sharply on both sides upfront, while keeping your body temp cool with bob or a slight barber on hair at the top of your nape. This works superbly well for people with naturally healthy hair and thick strands. However, if you don’t, don’t worry, you can always get your hair rebonded so it can be perfectly prepped to receive this haircut. For added Cleopatra drama, have your bangs cut thick and straight, down to below your natural eyebrow line only.

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Style #4: Spiked boy’s haircut. Many women continue to subscribe to the idea that, as one gets older, the shorter the hair must be kept. That’s because shortening one’s hair instantly gives you a younger image. Also, there’s much less styling, pulling and tying up needed which can all seriously lead to hair loss and perhaps even baldness if you’re not careful This is one great way to get a very short haircut and still keep a feminine attitude.

Style #3: Bob with bangs. You know how the image goes, baby bangs are for little girls. So what, then, be a little girl simply by getting your bangs cut. If you’re not quite comfortable with very short bangs, simply ask your stylist to give you a side bangs which should be layered from your eyebrow down to your ear length.

Style # 2: Shoulder length straight cut. The illusion of perfectly straight and silky hair gives people the impression that, despite your age, you remain healthy. Shoulder length straight cut keeps your roots free from split ends. With regular visits to the salon, you’ll grow healthier hair over time. To rock this hair style, simply add bangs.

Style #1: Mid-back length soft-curled. It’s trendy and the look is so feminine, so much so that you can expect it will become a classic and never fade like another fad. It’s best for you to wear this style sparingly so that you can keep changing your curls depending on your mood. Wear it Kim K style on weekdays. Style it up in vintage curls in time for your Saturdates. Give your hair a break on Sundays. For rare beach weekends, give your strands beachy waves to sport on hot, humid shores.

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Beyond styling

Keeping young in hair styles of your choosing takes more than cutting, layering or curling. To look young in your hair, hair needs to look young. Some of the tips to keep your strands young-looking are listed below:

  1. Refrain from washing your hair everyday. Try dry shampoo on no shampoo days.
  2. Regulate the use of conditioners. These products can damage your hair too.
  3. Refrain from using too much hair products. Use only what’s necessary.
  4. Always use heat protectant sprays when styling with hot irons, curlers and blowers.
  5. Deep treat and get a haircut regularly.


Go ahead and experiment! It’s the ultimate way for you to learn how to turn your crown into one of your most priced assets.